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Australian International 3DE (HSBC)

All of the six riders (Shane, Megan, Sonja, Stuart, Wendy and Emma) featured in the book An Eventful Life will be competing at the Deloitte Australian 3-Day Event this weekend.

With all the preparation for Adelaide I didn't think I would get time to write a blog but I forgot about the 15 hour truck ride there. I slept the first five hours to pass the time but now it's going to be a homework crackdown because I at least want to be up to date when I get back to school in a week’s time.

Things are heating up at Victoria Park for the Deloitte Australian International Three Day Event with final renovations coming together in the Grandstand and the top dressing of the Main Arena completed.

The FEI is delighted to welcome the Australian International 3 Day Event to the HSBC FEI Classics™ 2012 season.

Wendy's winning 4 Star showjumping round at the Australian 3DE 2010 on Koyuna Sun Dancer

What a difference a year makes. Last year's Australian Three Day Event (held in 40 degree plus temperatures), was not a happy one for Wendy Schaeffer

Aus 3DE CIC** Video

Aus 3DE x Country Videos

The rain fell heavily during the 4Star cross country today but it didn't seem to deter many of the riders on course at the Australian 3 Day Event today.

We dropped by the Australian 3DE for an hour before heading to the coast for lunch at the Star of Greece Cafe.