Geelong Horse Trials

Come for a gallop around the cross country course at Barwonleigh, home of the Geelong Horse Trials, with the riders in the EvA95 class

It may have been a tad dusty at Geelong Horse Trials but some of the riders looked pretty stylish. We filmed a few from the EvA105 classes at the water and drop bank complexes - who do you think rode it best?


Final results for all classes at Geelong Horse Trials

Georgina Birrell Marlborough View

An orange Monopoly horse with a dressage score Michael Jung would be proud of, glossy new trucks, off the track thoroughbreds and a historic location - all in a weekend's eventing at Barwonleigh

Congratulations to the winners of the Horseland Geelong Horse Trials at Barwonleigh today

Edith Kane Serious Business Geelong Horse Trials 2014

CNC1* winners Edith Kane and Emily Anker were pleased to start the 2014 season with a win, especially as 2013 had not been the best of years for various reasons

Final results for the Horseland Geelong Horse Trials February 2014

Geelong Horse Trials 2014

A quick update from Geelong Horse Trials with a full report tomorrow

Shannon Cattlin and Katzao

Shannon Cattlin won the PreNovice B on Jaybee Carillion at Geelong Horse Trials but she also tells us about another lucky horse she was riding at the event - one she saved from the knackery

An Eventful Life captured every rider's cross country round at Geelong Horse Trials on 24th February 2013. Here's how to view or order the videos


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