Lynton Horse Trials Goulburn 2012

The winning 3* horse at Lynton Horse Trials, Hazel Shannon’s Clifford is one cool horse who, despite much shaking of buckets and throwing of hats by Hazel's trainer, Heath Ryan, refused to smile at the camera!

Hazel Shannon and Clifford are the new CIC3* champions at the Lynton Horse Trials in Goulburn, AUS

The person who rode around the cross country at Goulburn without stirrups deserves a special mention we think

Winners were grinners in the EvA95 and EvA105 divisions at the NSW State Championships at Lynton, Goulburn where there were some 'hairy' moments

Some new NSW Champions were crowned at Lynton, Goulburn today but one familiar face achieved the 3* double

Shane Rose has moved into the lead of the Baxter Boots CCI3* at the NSW State Championships after the cross country phase

We talk to Tim Boland and Emily McQueen, two of the CCI leaders after dressage at the Baxter Boots Lynton Horse Trials, Goulburn but the burning question of the day is, do my ears look big in this?

Elizabeth Lowery KL Kismet

“I’m very surprised but very happy about it” says Libby Lowery of her CIC3* win at the NSW State Championships including the Limitless trophy at Lynton Horse Trials in Goulburn

The Baxter Boots NSW State Championships are finally having some luck with the weather and Christine Bates explains why she has the luck of the Irish in our round up from Saturday's eventing in Goulburn

Guess who leads the CCI3* at Goulburn after the dressage? A quick update from Friday at the NSW State Eventing Championships where Neil Kennedy tells us more about the cross country courses on this year's much improved going