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The twelve combinations to contest the Racing Victoria Off the Track Triequithon at Caulfield in August for a prize pool of $15,000 have been announced

Despite an icy cold blast descending on Quirindi, there were happy winners at all levels today and horse blankets were put to good use

Our cross country day report from Quirindi and dinner recommendations from CCI1* leader Charlie Brister ...

Quirindi, NSW holds a long format event each year and we have headed north for sunshine, the CCI and the pleasures of camping in a gooseneck ...........

Stuart Tinney made the journey to Quirindi well worthwhile with not only a win in the CNC 2* on his own Carlchen, but also third place on the Huskinson family’s War Hawk

It’s May, winter has hit early in Victoria and the rains have come, so what better way to spend Mother’s Day than to travel with your 12 year old to their first EA80 event at the “Friends of Ballarat International Horse Trials” in Victoria?

It was the perfect autumn day for splashing about in the water jump at Pakenham Horse Trials where the cross country terrain may be steep but was well tackled by riders of all ages and levels and horses of all sizes and types

Full results of all classes at Pakenham Horse Trials March 2015

Two eleven year old Pony Club Grade 3 riders won our 'cutie of the day' award at Pakenham Horse Trials but the ultimate cutie was the Andalusian that leads the Grade 1 class ridden by Lily Morrison - watch how they scored 72.59% in the dressage


CLICK HERE for results from Fig Tree Pocket ODE, March 2015

(Please note that the event was abondoned due to extreme weather so results not complete)