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WAYER @Brookleigh CIC Horse Trials

With John Nicholson as course designer and Jane Hoderness-Roddam officiating, WAYER @ Brigadoon was packed with aspiring Western Australian eventing riders, some preparing to head east

Belinda Isbister, the winner of the WAYER Olga Reveler Memorial CIC3*, fills us in on how the event in Western Australia shaped up for the riders lucky enough to ride the John Nicholson course at Brigadoon

Reports from Western Australia are a bit like buses - you don't see one for ages then three come along at once! In this first report from the W.A.Y.E.R Olga Reveler Memorial CIC event, Makayla Wood gives us a background and overview of the event

John Nicholson

John Nicholson, the famous cross country course designer and brother of the almost-as-famous-rider, has designed the course for this weekend’s WAYER CIC3* Olga Reveler Memorial at the WA State Equestrian Centre, Brigadoon

Sonja Johnson

The last event at the beautiful Brookleigh Estate in WA was a great one

What may be the last event at the beautiful Brookleigh property gets underway later today

Brookleigh eventing

The flavour of WAYER @ Brookleigh CIC is captured in these interviews and videos

Deon Stokes manages to combine eventing and dressage, which results in a very successfull, if somewhat busy weekend.

Riders enjoy riding in the stunning Brookleigh indoor arena while the first Autumn rain falls outside


Angela Ramsey explains how WAYER got involved in running this event