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Equestriad re-starts FEI eventing in Australia



An Eventful Life will be filming all competitors on cross country at

Equestriad International 2020 - order or view videos here


National level competition has been slowly getting underway in some States of Australia, depending on their lockdown status, but (yay!) a big one is finally coming up this weekend

FEI competition resumes in Australia this weekend with Eventing Equestriad at Camden, NSW on 17th and 18th October 2020. The event, run by Shane and Niki Rose and the Equestriad team, will be running CCI2*-S, CCI3*-S and CCI4*-S classes, the first FEI event to take place in Australia since lockdown

Although Bicentennial Park in Camden is a large area, the event is restricted in numbers each day and Covid-19 regulations - printing off your own back numbers, no presentations and cross country course maps on Cross Country App, which are all now par for the course around the world - will be in place   

Two days of ‘proper one day events’ are lined up with the CCI3*-S (and a few in the CNC3*-S), CCI2*-S, CCN1* and National classes from EvA60 to EvA95 taking place on Saturday

On Sunday the big guns will be out for the CCI4*-S as well as a CNC4*-S, CCN2*-S, CCN1*-S and more EvA60, 80 and 95 action

Shane Rose, Stuart Tinney and Hazel Shannon are of course the top tips for the CCI4*-S but keep an eye out for Emma Mason, who is back after having her baby last year and is on winning form after taking the CCN1* and CCN3* at Canberra recently. Stuart is bringing both Celebration, the CCN4* winner at Canberra, and Leporis, Shane has Virgil and Easy Turn entered while Hazel will also be competing two with Willingapark Clifford and Willingapark Cooley

Many Victorian riders are unfortunately still in lockdown around Melbourne and, with the Queensland border closed, the NSW riders have the run of Equestriad to themselves but we’ll still see some of the best in the country go head to head again in FEI competition

We’ll be bringing you daily updates during the event and a full report (and of course video footage!) next week so stay tuned …


       Last year's CCI4* winners, Shane Rose and Virgil, will be back at Equestriad to defend their title