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Tamborine CCI and Equestriad May cancelled

   Equestriad at Camden Bicentennial Park has more water jumps than usual



We were very lucky to have fabulous weather during last week’s Sydney International 3 Day Event

However Australian eventing is once again under siege from the weather with the latest heavy rainfall in Queensland and NSW forcing the cancellation of both the Tamborine CCI in Queensland, scheduled to take place on 21st & 22nd May, and Equestriad CCN at Camden, NSW which was to have been held on 28th & 29th May

Both venues were hard hit by earlier rain events and floods, and Equestriad also lost the majority of its cross country and show jumps which were washed away, but the event organisers had hoped that recent good weather in the areas would enable the events to proceed.

 Sadly, heavy rain in recent days on already waterlogged ground has meant that both events have today cancelled

“It will take some time to replace our equipment, but we are hoping to be back with a bang in time for our October FEI event. We are sorry to add another cancellation to the list when everyone is so excited to be out and about again… wish us luck for October!” says Equestriad on its Facebook page

The Kelcyn property at Tamborine will be hosting the Queensland International 3 Day Event in late July and also has a CCN competition scheduled for late October. We’re keeping our fingers crossed!


   The lush green grass of Tamborine needs time to dry out