EvA winners are grinners at Swan River, Capel

       Cheyenne Wilson with Leedale Tyson (left) and Olivia Ruiz with Holland Park Riviera (right)


An Eventful Life filmed all competitors on cross country at Swan River HorseTrials - find out more here


It was a busy weekend at the Mitavite Swan River Horse Trials with classes all the way from the fun EvA45 to the much more serious CIC3*(although Sonja Johnson seemed to take the same amount of time to get around the CIC3* cross country as the EvA65 riders!)

In the National classes Hannah Owen on Lava Speeder won the EvA65, Cheyenne Weston on Leedale Tyson was the winner of the EvA65 Junior, Laurelle Hayes on Heart Show won the EvA80 and Olivia Ruiz riding Holland Park Riviera took the EvA80 Junior

There were three classes of EvA95 with Laurelle Hayes again winning on KDale Mr Knightly (Section A), Sarah Pateman on Big Dry (Section B) and Georgia Shipp on Star of Illusion winning the Junior class

In the EvA105 Will Baxter and KDale Mr Collins (we’re sensing a Jane Austen theme with these KDale horses) led all the way for the win and Mia Mercuri took the EvA105 Junior on Mecabo Spartacus

We spoke to Cheyenne Weston and Olivia Ruiz about their winning horses as they were waiting for the presentations


Cheyenne Weston and Olivia Ruiz


Congratulations to the winners of all classes but especially our cross country video winners. You can watch their full rides on the links below


Tayah Andrew and BML Blackjack – CIC2* winner

Rob Vlasschaert and Frostbite – CIC1* winner

Cheyenne Weston and Leedale Tyson - EvA65 Junior

Olivia Ruiz and Holland Park Riviera – EvA80 Junior

Sarah Pateman and Big Dry - EvA95B

Will Baxter and KDale Mr Collins – EvA105

Sonja Johnson and Parkiarrup Illicit Liaison – CIC3*