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Express Eventing at EQUITANA Auckland

      Scout Lodder and Ricker Ridge Escada in the Express Eventing



Renee Faulkner made a clean sweep of the Veterinary Associates Express Eventing, winning the Open class and taking the quinella in the Future Stars class.

“I came out and had a course error on my first horse Rubin and was not expecting that,” said Renee.

“There was a lot to take in so I was really grateful to have my second ride – I felt a lot more comfortable in the ring and knew my way around. It was the same rush you get on the cross country but a bit shorter. It definitely rode tough”

She had her sights set on going home with ribbons “I definitely wanted to be first and second with my two rides,” she said. “I was determined to come out and prove myself. I came out with that mindset and it worked”

EQUITANA continues tomorrow with a huge focus on dressage, with Tristan Tucker’s masterclass, as well as the second round of TWOTH, some showjumping and lots of education sessions.

Veterinary Associates Future Stars (under 25) Express Eventing

1st Renee Faulkner (Papakura) Mi Focus

2nd Renee Faulkner (Papakura) Rubinstar HH

3rd Abbey (Te Kauwhata) Rockin It

4th Lucy Turner (Christchurch) Astek Victor  


Open Express Eventing

1st Renee Faulkner (Papakura) Mi Focus 45.71

2nd Chloe Phillips-Harris (Paihia) Cor Jet 48.46

3rd Simon Tainsh (Ohaupo) LV Gee Wizz 49.29

4th Renee Faulkner (Papakura) Rubinstar HH 57.0

5th Abbey Thompson (Te Kauwhata) Rockin It 66.59%

6th Lucy Turner (Christchurch) Rockin It  75.14