Emily Rink

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It was never a question of if, but when I would become an eventer. The attraction of other sports always paled by comparison to the excitement of speed, power and fun that comes with eventing. My father sometimes laments why I did not continue at the other sports I showed promise at but the fact is that at the age of six Mum got me a pony.  This little white four legged friend called Belle, who happily put up with me galloping around everywhere bareback. 

 Like every eventer my early experiences were littered with the highs and lows that come with trying to learn three disciplines. My parent's supported my passion for this sport by allowing me to spend all my free time with my trusty steeds. The challenge was always to get my horses to trust me as much as I do them. Knocking on the door of 1*, I was blessed with a beautiful mare bred and raised by Megan Jones, Kirby Park Irish Empress (Chooch) and we have taught one another a few things since. This has helped me bring on a young off the track thoroughbred gelding (Heart of Hearts) through the levels to join Chooch. He lives up to his name and is all Heart.

My second 1* competition at the Sydney International in 2014 on both horses delivered an unexpectedly good result, bringing home the CIC 1* Junior Champion and 8th overall. Talk about a rush! It really spurred Mum and me into truly believing and building towards the future with two young horses added in the last 6 months - Rostwhaith Venice Beach and Exstatic GHP.

The future looks bright and bumpy at the same time and I can't wait to continue the ride with the help of my dressage coaches Tor Van Den Berge and Di Mackie and show jumping coach Paula Hamood with the steady voice of Guy Creighton from the recent past in my ear. In 2014 I was selected as part of the Eventing Queensland Young Rider Squad and this has been inspirational with visiting coaches for squad training, in particular Gillian Rolton and Sam Lyle giving me expert tuition which I have benefited from immeasurably. All the people who have helped with what is really just getting to the starting gate at the age of 14, including my big brother and Dad who do as much as non horsey people can to help, I owe a great thanks to.

And now with the further help from my sponsor Promectin Plus Mini, the health of my horses is in good hands and I am so excited! I can't thank Promectin enough for picking me out of so many worthy competitors and friends and giving me the opportunity to be part of the monthly bloggers on An Eventful Life.

My goals for 2015 are to compete at as many events as I can, improve, practice, practice, practice and do the best I can at the next Sydney and Melbourne International CIC 1*. Hopefully when I turn 16 in 2016, I will have the fortune to have a horse healthy and good enough to join the multiple star family of riders.

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