Alice Hirst

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Alice Hirst, born in her home state of Tasmania in 1995 has always held a keen interest in horse riding, and more specifically, eventing. She comes from a rather ‘Horsey’ family and she is the oldest of four girls, with Emily, Bethany and Ruby all following in the equestrian footsteps, by doing eventing, polocrosse, games and showjumping.

Alice started eventing at about the age of seven and has loved the sport ever since. She started off on your classic naughty little pony Sherbet, but by the age of 11 had onto her first ‘big’ horse an ex-two star eventer by the name of Chubby Checker, given to her by her second mother\long distant coach Kylie Hall, from Marayla NSW. That was where she really found the thrill of eventing. Since then she has ridden a series of colourful characters, but her first real breakthrough horse was a chestnut TB called Bandman. “Dennis the Menance” as he is known at home had been a successful racehorse in Tasmania, before being purchased by Kylie Hall and taken through to 1*. He was also ridden by numerous NSW riders including a few O/S riders at the Sydney Horse Trials. He took Alice from introductory to competing successfully 1* and show jumping 1.20m-1.25m. On Bandman she has competed at events all over Victoria and NSW including Melbourne 3DE and Sydney Horse Trials. Together they have won the 2013 Grade 1 State Tasmanian Pony Club Trials, and were the 2012 Tasmanian Interschool’s Jumping rider of the year and representied the state at PC Nationals at Werribee.

In 2012 Alice was lucky enough for her Great Uncle, David Hirst an esteemed Hacking and show jumping rider in his day, to assist her in purchasing Mighty William. Mighty William is a 16.2hh TB who competed to 3*** with Simon Tainsh, Vic. Will and Alice have had huge success, coming third in the 1* JNR at Sydney HT in 2013, 12th at the 2013 Avenal 2** (being only their second 2** together) and narrowly missing out on winning the 2** at the Tasmanian championships (first attempt at 2**).

Finally, in late 2012 Berragoon Sizzle came into the team, a little 15.2hh ET Australian Stock Horse who in his short time with her, achieved a 4th at Avenal HT in the Prelim, and has made the switch from A grade Polocrosse to Eventing with ease.

Alice graduated from Scotch Oakburn College in 2013 and is now focusing on her horses in her gap year (or two!) and is aiming high thanks to the help of her incredible Coach Lucy Bennett, from Team Venture Performance Horses.

Short term they plan to make the trip over from Tassi for Wandin and then for Melbourne 2** on Mighty William and 1* on Berragoon Sizzle and by November, finally get to Adelaide JNR 2** on Mighty William.

Alice is also a Riders for Helmets Australian Ambassador, helping spread the important message of wearing a helmet whilst riding.

Alice can only do all this thanks to her sponsors Kelato Animal Health, Southern Stars Saddlery and Diamond Boots Australia as well as her wonderful (and very tolerant!) family and friends. 

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