Annie Ho

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I was born in Hong Kong and started riding there at the age of 5. I continued to ride when our family moved over to the UK. I had weekly lessons at riding schools and took part in the local pony club. From quite early on, it was quite clear that horses were going to become part of my life! I have an Equine Business Management degree from Hartpury college and my BHSII instructor qualification as well as my Pony Club tests including the A-test. In 2007, I took a job at the Hong Kong Jockey Club as an instructor at one of their riding schools, and later went on to Beas River where I worked as a rider to re-train the ex-racehorses which had just retired from racing. 

Riding and competing was always what I loved doing and after being involved in the 2008 Olympic Test Event and the actual equestrian Olympics itself in HK, I had the bug and decided to return to the UK to make an attempt to be an Event rider. Since then, I have been to the 2010 Asian Games and 2013 Asian Eventing Championships where Harry and I won individual gold! It was a truly amazing experience and hopefully there are more to come in the future.

At present, I am based in Surrey where I run a small professional yard. I also do some teaching in the local area for the Pony Club and private clients.