Bianca Souter

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At around age five I started having weekly lessons and after five constant years of nagging at age 10 I owned my first pony ‘Matilda’ who introduced me to low level Pony Club. When I reached 13 we purchased a new horse Sebastian or Northern Sebastian as he is known when we were out competing. This horse changed my life and took my from grade 4 PC all the way through to 1 Star and was qualified and ready for 2 Star when he suffered an eye injury in the paddock. I still own Sebastian to this day and he is quite happy just being old, grumpy and always looking for an endless amount of food!

In late 2011 we decided to bring a little ‘Off The Tracker’ we named Jett (two t’s for originality) into our family. Jett is now 6yo, around 16.1h and was Sired by Commands. The past two years with him have been full of ups and downs, but owning a TB Off The Track has been the most rewarding yet emotional experience! We have set out our goals for the next year and are going to be working hard to achieve them. As a twenty year old my life is basically revolving around Jett at the moment whilst trying to fit in work, family and friends, but surprisingly Jett brings the most balance to everything!

I have been around horses all my life, I can thank mum (Danielle Souter) for that! My sister Millie also used to ride with me, but decided she didn’t like falling or putting jodhpurs on at 4am most weekend, my brother Bailey and my dad Michael are both awesome supports in my day to day riding. Things wouldn’t run smoothly without the support of my mum and dad and I am extremely grateful for all their love and support!

I have to thank my sponsors, RugMeUp Australia and Infinity Cottage for their current support and also Fat Pony Equestrian Apparel for keeping me comfy through all my rides! And also my awesome coach Robyn Brown who has helped me over the past six or so years.

I look forward to bringing you a blog each month so you can see how all the dysfunction is going!

Photo by: Lisa Sultana