Dominic Schramm

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At 25, Australian eventing rider Dominic Schramm already has international riding experience that sets him apart from many of his peers. A dedicated and determined athlete, Schramm has demonstrated he is prepared to do what it takes to improve his skills and fulfil his desire to reach the top of his sport.

Hailing from the small outback town of Charleville, Australia, Dom developed an affinity with horses from a very early age.  This ‘country’ influence is evident in his training approach and horsemanship today.  Building on this background, Dom’s passion for eventing has taken him all over Australia as well as to equestrian hubs around the globe, including the United States, England and Germany.  He has already been recognised by national selectors and was a member of the 2006 Australian Young Rider Eventing Squad as well as having experience at three star level.  Dom developed as a rider under the guidance of recent WEG and London Olympic competitor Christopher Burton for whom he worked as a working student for two years. A brave and hungry competitor, Schramm also possesses the patience, experience and knowledge to very competently start horses from the ground up.

Seeking a more internationally competitive atmosphere, Dom made the decision to relocate to the US in late 2010.  Since then, he has already begun making an impression in US eventing circles for his riding ability as well as his enthusiastic and fresh teaching style.