Elizabeth Wischer

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Like the majority of young girls, I was horse mad and didn’t want to do anything else but be around horses. Waiting until I was three years old to get my very own pony, a dapple grey miniature Shetland X named ‘Monty’, and then spending every possible moment I could; including sneaking him into my bedroom to make him ‘pretty’ in my pink tutu and ribbons, and even taking him to show-and-tell in Kinder Garden. That poor pony…

It wasn’t until I was seven that I knew just where I was going to take my riding. In that same year Andrew and Bettina Hoy were in Australia for an Eventing clinic, which my mum, Felicity Wischer, participated in. Having met them before, she ever so kindly invited them for dinner that night.

My absolute IDOL was in my house; not only that, but he ‘just happened’ to have his past Olympic medals with him in the car. As soon as he put the, surprisingly heavy, medals around my neck is when it hit me. I was going to the OLYMPICS! Well not the next ones, as I hardly thought ‘Little Dude’ could jump that high … but some day.

From then on I seemed to be riding a never ending stream of naughty, fluffy and fat ponies until I was 12 when my parents purchased Touch of Honour, who I still compete to this day. Drum is a 16hh plain bay TB off the track and had little Adult riding club experience before we purchased him. Probably not the wisest of choices when we think back to it and whoever knows or has seen his ‘rear end expressions’ as we like to call them would certainly think that. However after eight years together we know each one another very well and I must say, he is a machine cross country.

Horses have always been a big part of my life, especially Drum who has been there throughout my entire adolescence. The amount of moody teenage moments and secrets that horse has put up with … dear lord!

I am currently attempting to balance my University course - Bachelor of Applied Science (Psychology) - with two horses, instructing at Balmoral Equestrian Centre and a few local Pony Clubs, also going through the beginning phases of launching a new Business with Claire Stidston certainly means I’m a busy girl. Having all that said, I love everything I do and I appreciate how incredibly fortunate I am to be able to be in this position.

So I guess all I can say now is to sit back with a warm cup of tea (or coffee) and enjoy reading my blogs!

Safe Riding,

Lil xx

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