Tallara Barwick


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Tallara grew up on a farm in Willow Tree, about an hour the Sydney side of Tamworth, where most of the horses around her were used for mustering, although Tallara did manage to ride a bit on her sisters pony. When Tallara was nine the Barwick family made the big move to Sydney where she commenced her schooling at the Steiner school Lorien Novalis.

Although now living in suburbia Tallara never gave up on the idea of having a horse and finally wore the family down and got her first horse at 11. She was so keen she would ride Rorke to the local pony club with mum or dad following in the car.

Eventing was always her main interest and after setting up with eventer Kerry French at the Sydney Equestrian Centre it was inevitable that she would fall head first into the eventing world. At the Sydney Equestrian Centre Tallara went from student to groom to head coach and rider and it was here that she gained a passion for teaching and rode many horses from off the track to school horses at various events.

When Tallara bought Chief Justice, a tried and true NZ Sporthorse, her eventing life changed and she considers herself lucky to have ridden ‘Rupert’ in two 4**** events in Adelaide placing 7th in 2010 and sealing a spot on the NSWIS squad.

Since Rupert Tallara has been lucky enough to ride some other great horses including her current stars: A Horse Called Wanda owned by Anna Crosato and Tallara, Copabella Verdi owned by Lesley Hargreaves and Tallara. In 2007 at a showjumping show in Bega Tallara met Dave Cameron (awwww) and has since enjoyed her life as an eventer and part time Showjumper! Since moving to Wilberforce Tallara and Dave have created ‘Tallara & Dave Equestrian’ and are enjoying the full on life of running a horse business and chasing the eventing and showjumping circuits. 

Tallara claims she is very fortunate to have had some amazing coaching, input and support from so many riders, peers and friends and fears to start a list would never do them all justice. She knows she is also lucky to have great sponsors in Nature Vet, Coprice, Antares Australia, Horseland Dural, Freejump and BSM Sport and would like to thank all these companies for all their support.

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