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The love of food

I like to think that I’ve picked my eventing clients and regular students well. Although of course it happens very much the other way around we all seem to get along really well. I provide them with as much help as I can with their riding and they provide me with pear crumbles, lasagnas and lemon meringue pies just to name a few. Oh and one lady I help even supplies me with VB at events, what more could I ask for! So, even if I can count the number of people who come to me for lessons on one hand, I’m certainly not complaining when I receive all these fringe benefits. Yesterday a horse arrived on the farm for some training called Sara Lea; let’s hope the owners can provide suitable desserts to fit the name of their horse. 

Despite enjoying all this comfort food in the winter months I have been fairly busy with the horses. The Equestriad Event at Camden saw a massive number of riders go through and I was lucky enough to come first and second in the Preliminary championship division with my own Mystery Mark and Lara Dombrovski's Pure Drama. The eye catching Pippa came fifth in the Intro Open division but drew just as many stares for her aerial antics as for her bright colours and jumping skills.

I was originally planning on going down to watch the Melbourne Three Day from Saturday to Monday, but I had to alter that when, in typical Arts student fashion, I left an essay until the day before it was due to actually make a start on it. So I only flew down to Werribee for cross country day with Kaden Weaver from CWD (who sell great saddlery) to watch the action and spin a few yarns. Even with the standard Werribee rain on display it was a great day, which was sadly cut short by having to fly home to Sydney that evening. As we were only down for the day I made sure that I didn’t help too many people cooling down after cross country. Sounds selfish I know but I couldn’t think of many things worse than flying back to Sydney with wet feet.

Normally happy to help I have to admit I avoided this area at Melbourne

The last couple weeks have been fairly hectic trying to get the horses worked while also doing a couple major essays to finish off my second last semester at Uni (touch wood). With just enough time between exams I was able to get away to Mudgee on the weekend for its One Day Event. Dressage and show jumping are held at the AREC (Australian Rural Education Centre) site and on Sunday the event moves just up the road to the Tym’s property, Shawwood Estate. It is only a small event but looks set to grow in the next few years with a really nice cross country course being developed out there. Winning the pre novice may make me a little bias but it seemed almost everyone had a great time at such a laid back event.

I keep an eye on my little brother whilst warming up for my dressage at Mudgee - thanks to Jess Nagal for the photo

I'd better stop writing this,as my next exam is early tomorrow and I have just begun reviewing lecture notes (not mine, I haven’t been to the lectures) from the semester in the hope of keeping my credit average for this subject. 


Must get back to studying ...