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A frantic few weeks

        It seems it is best to let sleeping dogs lie ............


It has been a frantic few weeks, starting in Australia with the removal of the plaster cast holding my fractured wrist together, an ailment caused not, as you may think, by a horse but a conscientious Golden Retriever who showed considerable remorse for his actions with lots of loving licks while I was lying on the floor thinking ‘this is not good’

Fast forward seven weeks and, with a light suitcase and an even lighter (albeit still slightly useless) right arm, I boarded a plane back to the UK, arriving just in time for the Festival of British Eventing followed by Horseheath Horse Trials.

These two events may seem at first glance to be at different ends of the spectrum – the long running prestigious British National Eventing Championships hosted by the Princess Royal and an event just in its second year running up to BE100 – but I can honestly say that I enjoyed both equally. Although the delicious lunch provided at Horseheath may in fact sway me in favour of the new event ...



The pace then picked up with the European Championships in Poland as the next eventing venue followed immediately by Blair Castle in Scotland.

Our journey took us via Edinburgh where Libby Law, whose camera was falling in love with this dramatic city through the taxi window, beseeched me to spend a night. Like a killjoy parent, I remained steadfast to our itinerary and we finally arrived in Pitlochry late at night having travelled by car, plane, taxi and train through three countries


               Snapped by Libby at Edinburgh train station


From Scotland to Stamford and the annual pilgrimage to the Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials. This is one of the smartest events in the world but I have to say that the hospitality of our friends at Hall Farm, Kings Cliffe was top of the billboard here. Anybody looking for beautiful place to stay in this area should check it out

Finally there is now a short respite before Blenheim and in the past few days I’ve reverted to my student days in London of eating, sleeping and being with friends. We’ve had takeaway supper in front of the TV (heaven), dinner at the ‘achingly trendy’ Dishoom at Kings Cross (delicious but be prepared for a long queue), supported the Old Reptonians to a win of the 2017 D’Abernon Cup (at Wimbledon, no less), brunch at the very ‘edgy’ E8 Bakery and we almost made it to the Columbia Road Flower Market (but were too lazy to park and walk).


      The Old Reptonians reclaimed the D’Abernon Cup (usually located next to the Men's Singles Trophy)


I spend much of my life in the rural environment of various countries, which I love, but time in London re-awakens unused senses, including that of earache when my lovely friend Melissa insists on having the roof down on the car for a better view of the London skyline. The weather has certainly turned this week, the English summer has suddenly run away and I need a woolly hat, especially in Mel's car

It’s now back to the countryside to a cottage in Oxfordshire where I particularly love the small window in the roof above our bed. From there I can watch the clouds hurtling by like Formula One cars but I’m hoping that the wind will drop, the rain will stop and the sun will shine from Wednesday for the Blenheim Palace International Horse Trials, our next event ..............