It's Badminton time again!

       I took some time for winter adventures but now Spring is here and Badminton!


Well I'm sure as many would have guessed I haven't managed to stay away from Symphony Farm....for hardly a couple of weeks really! With such good friends and the all important special ponies there, it’s hardly something you can just turn your back on. What a sad day it was when I finished my last day as Head Girl for Sam and Lucy, but I am equally lucky that not only were they my bosses but they also became my friends. Having gone through so many highs and lows together, been there for the birth of their two children and maybe had a few glasses of wine together on more than a few occasions it’s so lovely to always be welcome back there.


       The home team - always laughing!


Yet again they are lucky to have a super team at home 'manning' the fort, always laughing even through the long days and always coming together at the end of the day. Something you can only wish for from your team! A new Head Girl, Charlotte Andrews, has also joined the team and I know she will be appreciating them just as much as I always would have 

Having enjoyed a slightly quieter winter and a few trips away, I have started a new job elsewhere, but only being Monday to Friday I have snuck in a few weekends of eventing turning up to the office a little bleary eyed on Monday morning but not from being out partying all weekend! We started off with a trip to Aldon, and I then followed it up heading to Belton for the big Grantham weekend. 


       A new winter first half marathon


Things are a little different at the yard this year with Shane Rose being based there for this season, he has three horses with Sam and is aiming Shanghai Joe for Badminton too. It’s very different for me not being there, day in day out in the preparation to a big event, but I am getting very exciting for Badminton now just a little under two weeks away. There is nothing like it walking through those arch ways, and I certainly am a little excited to head to the yard for the last few days of preparation before we leave on the Tuesday 

Luckily with a few horses at Withington the weekend before I'll have to get my plaiting kit out and have some practice, as Sam has already implied, now that I work in an office I may have slowed up a little!

Charlotte and I will head to Badminton together and care for both Paulank Brockagh and Shanghai Joe together, and I'm sure my very good friend Rachel Watts will be glued to the TV all the way from Aus watching Shane and Nugget; I'm not quite sure either of our tail plaits will be anywhere near her standard (maybe I'll have to find a fellow friend in the stables who may be able to match hers!) 

I'm looking forward to writing my blogs throughout Badminton and seeing what the competition brings us this year


      Reunited with Brocks and looking forward to Badminton