Kate Mackenzie

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I'm an average mother, who is probably old enough to know better than to try and do all the things I do!

I grew up in a non-horsey family and like all horse mad girls I dreamed of having my own one day. I finally got one when I was 15 and started eventing because that's what all kiwis do when you idolise Mark Todd!

I have three children: Ben (6), Abby (4) and Laura (12 months) and I’m no longer in paid employment as, quite frankly, I haven't got time.

I’m originally from New Zealand and have been married to fellow Kiwi, Mack (aka Jason), for 16 years … oh heavens, now I feel old. Mack comes from a farming background and his Dad played polo. He once helped saddle up my horse and the martingale looked kind of odd stuck through the noseband! - He doesn't touch my tack anymore. We moved to Canberra in 1996 and not long after that I replied to an advert in the paper from someone who was looking for a rider to exercise his horses. That's how I met John Fitzgerald and I’m lucky enough to be still riding his horses today!

My first event in Australia was at Tarcutta on Dingadee, a big 17hh thoroughbred, who was a novice eventer and since then I've ridden Dusky Roscoe, Balmoral Gold (who is a huge chestnut with an amazing flaxen mane and tail) and now Astro. We got Astro when Abby was 18months old, as Balmoral Gold was getting a little long in the tooth and too hard to motivate and drag around all over the place.

I'm not sure how it happened but I am on the organising committee of National Capital Horse Trials Association and have been for the last 6 years. I’m sure I can put the blame onto Rachel Stephen-Smith.

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