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Do you have a horse for Kate?


Summer holidays are all but a distant memory.   Now all three children are at school and one would think I’d have more time but no.  Instead, I find February one of the hardest months to get through.  It’s about trying to get back into the routine of packing school lunches, remembering which kid eats what (fussy little dears) and trying to get to school before the bell. Then remembering which kids does what afternoon activity. 

Invariably, I run a clinic as the National Capital Horse Trials Association event is in March, so we try to give riders a chance to school the course prior to its closing.  Then there’s the actual planning the event itself!   Also, the girls have their birthdays, and they always seem to fall on the same weekend as the event at SIEC, which means I usually decide not to go (in the past it’s usually been stinking hot or it pours with rain, so sometimes I’m glad I’ve saved the several hundred dollars it costs to enter, but I still hate missing out). The Canberra event is nearly upon us, so I’m now madly fielding enquiries about when the draw will be ready, and can I please swap horses, and I can possibly have my dressage between 10am and 10.15am as I really want to ..... (insert excuse here).   My poor long suffering family are bracing themselves!



(Left) We visited the university where Mack and I met (had dinner in the pub we frequented!) - Ben and me with a seal in Kaikoura NZ (right)


The summer holidays included two weddings and, thankfully, no funerals!  We headed over to New Zealand for a family wedding, and we had a great time there catching up with friends and family.  The kids enjoyed themselves and had a great time catching up with cousins they only see every few years.  The vegetable patch became a wild jungle and I’ve had neither the time nor the willpower to actually go in there and tackle it.

      I took Abby to a show and sewed plaits for the first time ever!


The biggest thing that has happened since my last blog is that I have decided that it is time for dear old Astro to slow down and not do much more eventing.  He’s 19 now, and for those who know him, will be very aware he’s a wee bit vocal.  You can hear him coming from the other side of the xc course!  I feel his wind is getting worse, and I don’t like to put any more stress on him than necessary. 

We took him to the Wallaby Hill Eventing Extravaganza, which was a fantastic day, and he went around the 105cm showjumping track well (despite a rare stop at #9).  He then tackled the 95cm XC track, which was beautifully presented and gave me a super ride out there. I’m really glad I made the effort to remember my sunnies cam to record his round.  I didn’t push him, just let him pick his own pace so we didn’t break any land speed records.


So now I’m on the hunt for a new horse.   I have been so very spoilt having John sponsor me for so long, and the thought of not having his support is somewhat terrifying, and I’m going kinda crazy wondering what the hell I am going to do in the future (Murphy’s law, I bought a new pair of breeches and short boots at the end of the year).   So if anyone knows of a sweet kind patient horse who can put up with a rider who will love it to pieces but at some events race up to it, jump on with her mind on 20 other matters and expect it to know the dressage test, please get in touch!