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Eventing, motherhood and Shetlands .....


I’m being indulgent.  I’ve not written a blog for yonks.  And it occurred to me that this is one way for my kids to read about life when I’m either lying in hospital with amnesia after a stack or lost my marbles from dementia (I think I’d rather the former).

So, Chaka and I are forming a pretty awesome partnership, and have negotiated our way around four EvA95 tracks and things are coming together nicely.  I even managed to crack 70% in a dressage test at Equestriad, but ruined that by knocking out four rails in my rush to get the show-jumping phase over and done with!  Lesson learnt – new bit and results!  The next competition I only had one down (and much to my delight – the same as my coach, Sam Lyle!).

I’ve been lucky enough to get a part time job, working 20 hours a week, mostly during school hours, so I can still get the kids to school, and pick them up again.  My workplace is a wonderful environment and they batter barely an eye when I arrive at the office in my jods when I forget to bring a change of clothes after my morning ride.  I am also enjoying working opposite an op-shop so my hard earned cash is helping those less fortunate, and I’ve managed to score myself some significant bargains along the way.

Mixing motherhood and riding continues to be a challenge – with my eldest Ben having a fair dose of anxiety.  This morning, I was riding (and attempting to do some schooling) and he rang not once, but 13 times, with him being overwhelmed by the school excursion.  Eventually he went to school, and I got a text from the teacher saying he was happy on the bus. Relief, and guilt all mixed in there!


     Abby and Ellie at jump club


I’ve got myself well and truly involved in the Canberra equestrian scene (much to Mack’s horror) as for the 18 months I have been the manager of Equestrian Park, which is the venue at which we run the Canberra Event, as well as the home grounds for ACT Show Jump Club, ACT Dressage Association and NCEC, another dressage club.  So there’s a fair bit of activity at the park, and this keeps me rather busy, along with NCHTA committee duties.  Oh and Canberra Lakes Pony Club are based there too.  Of which I have now become a member (despite swearing black and blue not 2 months ago that I would never do it) along with Abby as we have welcomed a little pony into the family. 



Miss Ellie is a delightful pony, and exactly the opposite of what I thought Shetland ponies would be like.  Abby sat beside the show jump ring a few weeks ago, surrounded by grass (Ellie wears a muzzle) and she just stood there.  I was amazed.  She happily walks and trots wherever Abby wants her to go.  We even made the trek up through the arboretum on the weekend (a good 3 hour ride) and I don’t think you could wipe the grin off Abby’s face.  At the lookout, Ellie was a star attraction with tourists taking photos of her, as well as the view – which is pretty spectacular.


      Astro and Chaka meeting Ellie

Not much is happening on the eventing front, other than the Eventer Trial here in Canberra on the 2nd July – this is a great fun day, so if you’re a local, come along.  I’m competing on Sunday at the dressage and the show jumping competition – I’ve even entered the 2.2 test – I’ve not yet mastered leg yielding, so this could be interesting.

I might even remember to let you know how it goes!