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Managing expectations



The eventing season has started thank goodness! It had been so long since the last one I had almost forgotten what I needed to pack.  And I did forget to make the traditional bacon and egg pie.

I finished the end of the 2017 year in a bit of a slump and, in retrospect, I put too much pressure on myself and my goals were unrealistic.  It even got to the point of my sending a few friends messages saying “I think I won’t event any more, I’ll just come along and help”  Obviously, this caused a bit of an outcry and I quickly reassessed everything for fear that I might become a dressage rider. 

So we entered SIEC in the Amateur EvA80 class (due to my advancing years and the fact that I’ve not ridden in an EvA105 class for over two years).  What fun I had too, reinforcing the idea that I need to stop worrying what everyone else thinks and just do what level I am happy in.  I didn’t get as ridiculously nervous as I have in the past, and it was a wonderful day.  Of course, being SIEC in February it was revoltingly hot, and we tried to park in the shade. 

Chaka however decided that being in the stable complex was much more pleasant, and he twice made his way there of his own accord.  Once fully tacked up prior to cross country and the next time with the ice-boots flapping as he galloped away.  The long drive home was made that much more bearable by finding out that we finished in fifth place!  Clever pony got a carrot when we got home.


       I'll wait till she's not looking then I'll nick back to the stables again ...........


Not three days later, I made the trek back up to Sydney with friends in tow - to attend the Equestrian NSW awards night.  I was nominated the NSW Administrator of the Year in 2017! To say that I was very honoured is probably an understatement.  The function was held at the amazing new complex developed by the Inglis family.  WHAT a venue!  Our carload had driven up in our everyday clothes, so it required a change of attire in the ladies - seeing everyone dressed up was a real treat.  I really enjoyed the evening, but we had to get back to Canberra that night, so it was a long day! 


      Photo courtesy Stephen Mowbray


Not long afterwards, the Canberra event came about - and interestingly for my home life - this coincided with Mack (my long suffering hubby) making his stage debut in the musical Jesus Christ Superstar.  He threw himself into the project and, despite rehearsals every weekend and two nights a week, then performances starting the week before the event, I’m proud to say the kids ate three meals most days and had cleanish clothes to wear.

The event was a huge success with record numbers attending - which was a huge boost to the club.  I thoroughly enjoy organising these events and seeing everyone having a great time enjoying our amazing sport.  For once, I made a sensible decision and asked Sam Lyle to ride Chaka, as he’s been my coach for more years than both of us care to remember (he’d been awarded NSW coach of the year!).  Much to his surprise (but not mine) Chaka did well in all three phases and finished in 2nd place.  Ironically he was beaten by a junior who I’d not been able to allocate a place in the junior class. 

And then in typical Kate style, without drawing breath, I then had to organise my son Ben to get away on his amazing adventure with my father.  They headed off to China for a 10 day tour.  Ben has autism, so this was a HUGE undertaking for us all!  For someone who doesn’t like change and was very anxious about it all this was a very stressful exercise!  But given the feedback I’ve had - he seems to be having a great time.  He gets back on Friday (the day before Berrima HT) so I withdrew my entry from the event at Berrima - which is a shame - but sometimes it is necessary to put the kids first!

Much to everyone’s surprise (or not I suspect) I have somehow managed to become more involved with the local pony club - Laura has taken over the ride on Ellie - our delightful little shetland pony, and Abby is currently contemplating whether or not to get onto the delightful pony we have been lent.  Will keep you posted on that one!  So now I have the dubious honour of being the vice president of the Canberra Lakes Pony Club - so I am very grateful for all the support that riders gave to the canteen at the event which was run by the club. 

Voting has begun for the Equestrian Australia awards - so if you’re a member - send a vote my way - it would go a far way to appease my family who often lament “I wish you could not do QUITE so much for eventers!”