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What is more important than horse trials?

       Getting a face wash at Canberra!


As usual a fair bit has happened since I last updated you all on the happenings of this eventing mum!  And I’ve been meaning to put something together for a while, but always remembered when I was nowhere near a computer;  like in a shower or while driving, so at last – here it is. A month late.  Sorry.

School went back and Laura now attends preschool a few days a week, theoretically giving me more time to do stuff, but can’t seem to work out why nothing more is getting done.  And now the first term is about to end.  The weeks seem to be flying by, what with events, clinics and other family commitments, so I guess it is no surprise it is April soon.

The Wallaby Hill CNC event went really well, clear XC and a silly rail, proving that last year’s clear wasn’t a fluke.  Like everyone who entered, I really appreciate the amazing property that Derek and Alex have developed, how lucky are we? Take a look at the great property and our cross country ride on video by clicking on the image below



The Canberra event has been and gone, and the whole weekend ran really smoothly.  Having around 250 horses entered certainly makes it easier to organise and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves which is the main thing.  Astro also did really well, pottering around the EvA95 and getting a ribbon too, which was a real treat.    My son Ben has cottoned onto how much work goes into running an event, telling me one day “we’re more important than horse trials you know Mummy”  which goes to show how little time I have left to devote to them in the lead up to our events.  One day I’ll maybe delegate a few of the tasks! 



The weekend after our event, John and I made the trek up to Scone to join 550 other horses.   The event ran really well, and I thoroughly enjoyed not having to organise it, well done to the Scone committee for pulling it off.   I did a stint of XC jump judging both days, and discovered it’s possibly more nerve wracking watching some combinations over the jumps than for the rider themselves.  I’m sure I’ve caused a few heart stopping moments over the years.  And I also apologise to all those out there for my bad language, I really must learn not to swear like a sailor when I’m not happy with how deep we get to a jump.

Sam Lyle came down to Canberra this weekend and did a clinic for us. Saturday dawned with the first chilly morning all year, and the Sunday the sun was reluctant to come through the fog with the first group riding in grey conditions.  But despite the weather, everyone had a great time, and we look forward to Sam coming back.  Astro did his usual rushing at the jumps in the first half of the lesson, and broke the rings on the martingale throwing his head up when I tried to come in a little more calmly.   Sam’s reply when I said 'there go my brakes' was “You hardly use them anyway so you won’t miss them” - probably not far off the mark.  


       Who needs a martingale?


My mum asked me the other day how my vegetable patch was going, and frankly, apart from going in there to pick some chillies I’ve barely been in there….. it’s an overgrown jungle.  This business of having to go out and earn a living to help contribute to the running expenses of a household is really cramping my hobbies.    Someone said to me my bed must be really uncomfortable as I’m always riding at the ridiculous hour of 6am (alas I wish that was the reason – getting out of bed is a real struggle these days!)

As we always do, we are heading over to Leeton NSW for the ballooning at Easter, so for those going to Albury; have fun and don’t forget to offer to help, the committee will be really grateful. 

Oh and while I remember – for those of you who use the awesome cross country app, don’t forget to upload your courses.   Sometimes (in fact not sometimes, I’m ALWAYS too busy) event organisers don’t actually have time to walk the course properly and work out their minute markers….. so please don’t be shy!  It’s also a great way to others to see what courses are out there and work out what level they could enter in at the next event!