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I do envy my dogs in winter

Shane giving me some last minute pointers before I head into the dressage at Melbourne 3DE     Photo: David Morgan



I feel like I say the same thing at this time every year but… where has the year gone???

The last time I wrote a post I was on my way back from America. Now that seems like an eternity ago!

Since then I have been kept busy with competitions - one CCI, two CIC’s, five CNC’s, five showjumping shows, given several clinics, attended the Queensland State Eventing Clinic and flown all over Australia looking at horses for clients.

I have been really happy with my team of horses with APH Charlie Brown stepping up to the plate in the last few months. Shane did a great job training Charlie whilst I was in America and has installed a few more gears for me making him a more manageable horse and hence I have been able to make time cross country. He has given me some super runs and feels like a much more experienced horse than he is (just turned 7yo) when out on cross country.

He had a great run at Melbourne 3DE in the CCI* finishing in 17th place – his dressage is definitely his weakest phase but he is getting stronger all the time. He had his first CNC** start a couple of weeks ago and was a star in both jumping phases going clear to finish second.




A couple of weeks after Melbourne 3DE I was at a showjumping competition when I took a stumble. I was on course when the rail was pushed out in front of us and on landing it got caught between the horse’s front legs resulting in both of us doing a nose dive

I didn’t understand at the time why everyone looked so worried – it may have had something to do with the blood all over my face! It goes to show the importance of good helmets – mine took a hard hit and definitely saved my head that day. Thanks Antares! Accidents happen - in this case the horse was not misbehaving and I could not have foreseen the fall. I will always wear a helmet and am thankful I was wearing a good one on the day

My young horse Jaybee Vigilante has been going great guns stepping up to PreNovice placing 2nd at Toowoomba ODE, 2nd at Maryborough ODE, 1st FTP CIC and 3rd at Warwick ODE.

He is such a character who cannot be trusted to be left alone tied up at the truck. He has a habit of untying himself, taking his halter off, licking the horse next to him, biting saddles, chewing lights on floats and trucks, taking his boots off with his teeth, and the list goes on… He has the most animated facial expressions and behaves more like a dog than a horse. I am sure if you allowed him in the house he would come in and sit on the couch!


These new bell boots were on Vigi for all of 30 minutes before being destroyed!


We have just finished the Queensland showjumping season and had some great runs with the horses. Fairbanks Lulu is back competing at World Cup level again with Shane having a great ride on her at Caboolture World Cup to finish 9th. I was lucky enough to take over the ride at Gatton World Cup show and piloted her around the Mini Prix class qualifying for the final. Shane’s young horse Idol D has his first start in the World Cup at Caboolture jumping very well through all the tough lines.

In just over a week we will head down to Melbourne to jump at Boneo and Aussie Champs. These are both fantastic shows – hopefully the weather is a little kinder to us this year! 2016 was my first year at Aussie Champs and even though the weather was miserable it was a great event! The committee do a fantastic job to run the show and I would recommend all eventers to come and give it a try. The courses are fantastic and the social program is also lots of fun. The highlight last year would have to have been the Speed Championships which was held indoor at night – I think this is the most animated crowd you get in equestrian sports and was certainly a good laugh!



Some exciting news for the Davidson Camp is that we are now brand ambassadors for Antares Australia. The Antares saddles are of the highest quality which is important for us as we are quite hard on our gear due to the number of horses in work. The cut and fit of the saddles in second to none and you don’t get a sore bum after riding 10 horses a day!

I was so excited to receive my saddles I nearly cried – I have been riding for 20 years and this is my first new saddle – it even has my name engraved on the back!



The colder weather usually brings out the lazy side in our dogs – Poppy and Penny, who not surprisingly do not want to get out of their house in the morning and go outside.

I do envy them sunbaking in the hay pile while we are hard at work. Penny has been caught red handed in the last few weeks stealing food out of people’s cars when they come for lessons or to drop horses off for training. She has helped herself to a Birthday Cake, a Strudel, one of the girl’s biscuits, and my hot chocolate which I left on the bench and she took it upon herself to jump up and have a drink! Whilst we may be good at training horses I feel we failed when it came to training our Jack Russells – if it is even possible to train a Jack Russell!

What do they say…. only call a Jack Russell when they are running towards you!