A crossroads

       Should I give this up for University? Not yet ........................


I had my plans for this year set and worked out, right down to which horses where going to which events, as well as the date I would fly out of Australia to the UK to visit Irish family and groom for a couple of high profile riders.

 It's amazing, however, how a simple email can turn all of this upside down. I received an acceptance from Monash University into a highly competitive science course, into which only a very small number of people are accepted each year. Due to the competitive nature of the course, it is not deferrable, cannot be studied part time and intermissions are not allowed. Students undertaking the course must also maintain a Distinction average to remain on it.

After much deliberation, I came to the conclusion that it was not possible to fulfil both my eventing goals, as well as the requirements for the university course...

So, which path to follow? Compete a full team of horses throughout the year as well as travel to the UK and visit family in Ireland? Or tone down the eventing side of life, do uni and perhaps visit some family in Ireland, but pass up on the grooming and riding opportunities overseas?

In the end, I decided that my eventing goals are more important to me at this stage in life. I could begin uni when I was sixty years old, but I couldn't begin campaigning to WEG or the Olympic Games at that age! University will always be there, but horses are not something you can do to an elite level forever.

My dad told me to follow my passion. Though I initially found it hard to decide whether going to University this year would be following my passion, I now know for sure that after completing a big Year 12, I need to take a break before beginning study again. I am also certain that I am ecstatic to have been given the opportunity to groom and ride in stables overseas... More on that next time!

Bye for now

Molly Xx