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Hugs, pubs, tea and horses

Family hugs.My great aunt Anne (and my grandma in the pic) - the last time I saw her, I was 4 years old!


I've paid a few visits to some Irish pubs and drunk a million cups of tea.

I've met half of my family and been smothered in long-promised hugs!

Before that, I saw the landmarks of London with friends that just happened to be in the same place, across the world, at the same time. And before that, I sat on some simply incredible horses and saw the beautiful English countryside from horseback on a daily basis.

I've learned a ton of new knowledge about eventing riding, as well as horse and yard management and professionalism in the sport - the past couple of months have been no less than full on!

It all started with the Melbourne 3 Day Event, which was a great success. After a University exam on the Wednesday, my young horse thought it would be a great idea to get an abscess, literally an hour before his class, and so was scratched.

La Muso, however, was fantastic in all three phases in the CCI** and finished 5th. In a poignant moment, we also took home the Caitlyn Fischer Memorial award.

 The day after Melbourne 3DE ended, I did another University exam (Maths), and the day after that, on the plane to England!


Cuddles with Happy Times after a nice hack in the British sun


I spent a month with Sam Griffiths at Symphony Farm sitting on beautiful horses and got my first taste of how a professional yard runs in Britain. I watched and groomed at the beautiful Barbury Castle International Horse Trials, just before heading to London to visit an Australian friend and see the sights for a short time. I was then off to Ireland to visit and meet my Irish Family.  I simply can't begin to describe that - from the moment I stepped off the plane, I was smothered in hugs and love!


Goodbye and good luck to Sam and Brocks

I'm now in the final leg of my trip; staying for a month with Emily Lochore at Burnham Market Eventing Centre. I've had a ball and simply love the yard, people and countryside here. I'll then head off to Heathrow, where I'll catch up with a Dutch friend who came to Australia in 2014; I can't wait to catch up, and then it will be time to face the long flight home. I can't wait to see my family, friends, dogs and of course, ponies! 


     About to saddle up on the lorry