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Medical school and eventing… Is it possible?

Housemate Ashleigh and me jumping for joy on our first day of medical school. We already look a lot older and more stressed!


Over the past couple of months, I have experienced the hectic first semester of medical school.

I’ve learned to take blood pressures, learned the stark difference between Koro and Kuru (look it up), learned what a spinal cord feels like (and a lot of other organs), asked some intense questions of our actor-patients, as well as some of real patients. We’ve done Med School camp and rural week. Here I excitedly picked up an arrythmia in an elderly gentleman while taking blood pressures out in the community and the poor man was marched away to have an ECG in the middle of his holiday.


       Learning to take blood pressure


The best part of Med School is my incredible cohort, who have been forced to warm to each other by the ingenious O-week activities at ANU. We have an excellent medical support network for what is sure to be a stressful, enjoyable, heartbreaking, fun, but most of all, rewarding career ahead. Much like eventing, medicine is so rewarding because of the unbelievable highs and devastating lows! 

However, the big question is, can I continue eventing while I pursue this crazy career? 

It has become apparent that having another part of life to enjoy during Med School is very important, so you will still see me at shows instead of studying for upcoming exams (*cough* MI3DE). I have managed to compete at Berrima, Canberra, Wandin, Harden, Albury and SIEC so far this year, and will shortly embark on the journey to Melbourne 3DE with Mr Fahrenheit! 


      The Geologist at Canberra Horse Trials


I now seem to have my Canberra lifestyle a little more sorted, particularly with the help of my new sponsors, Riverview Farm. Riverview feed my horses twice a day and have all of the onsite facilities that I need for dressage, jumping and galloping, while the National Capital (Canberra) Horse Trials venue is just around the corner, providing excellent cross-country schooling. A number of 'things' have come together to make horses and medical school possible and meeting the team at Riverview is certainly one of them! 


        Riding La Muso under lights at Riverview Farm. It’s like daylight!


I am grateful to my family (particularly mum), who have kept the cogs turning back in Victoria – Mum started bringing Muso into work for me ahead of his move up to Canberra!.

So, my answer is - I am yet to prove that it is possible to event at a high level while at medical school. However, I have an incredible support network around me and I don’t see why not! If there is a will there is a way, and our eventing team are lucky to have quite a number of 'wills.'

Our team might have been a little quiet, but I am looking forward to coming out strongly again in the near future!


 Dressed for a Canberra morning and very excited to have two horses there with me: Mr Fahrenheit and La Muso