November, a time to remember

      La Muso over the ditch and brush in Adelaide                           Photo: Chris Esh


Driving out of the gates of Victoria Park in Adelaide on the 22nd of November brought a miasma of mixed emotions. Having completed my very first Australian International Three Day Event on a horse that I had produced myself (La Muso) gave me a thrill that I simply cannot put into words.

However, mixed with that thrill, was the dreaded feeling of what Adelaide competitors like to call ‘Post AI3DE depression,’ aka the terrible realisation that you won’t go cross country on that horse again for another three months or so - until the season starts up again!


      De Lago Warrior having his second ride of the track: my smile says it all!


However, to comfort myself, I found it helpful to think of the super cute 4 year old, fresh-off-the-track thoroughbred, by Lago Delight, that was sitting in the paddock at home, awaiting education. Other than the unpacking and washing of tack (that seems to find itself covered in cross country leg grease and sand from the famous Adelaide cross country road crossings), my first move was to bring this little (17.2hh) guy into work. I must say I was super impressed!

Johnnie, as he is affectionately known, picked up this ‘dressage’ thing, a lot faster than expected! In only his second ride, I was beginning to play with some leg yield and shoulder in, and he did not disappoint. The plan with him, now, is to take him to some events to tie up at the float and go for a look around. He is still very much a baby and needs to learn that there is a big, not so scary, world out there! So together, we will be hitting up some adult riding club meets, as well as some super low key pony club events where I will be course building, and where there are some safe yards for him to settle down and make himself at home for the day


      Cross country schooling with The Jazz Singer ahead of his EvA80 debut at Lakes and Craters 3DE


However, there is more work to be done… While La Muso’s eventing season may be complete, Shin Akuma (17hh 8yo TB by Street Cry) and The Jazz Singer (16.1hh 8yo TB by Singspiel) are in their final preparations for the Lakes and Craters 3DE. The Jazz Singer (TJS) is entered for his very first EvA80, while Shin Akuma (Kiwi - a fitting name since he was bred in New Zealand) is competing in my last junior class, the Junior EvA105.

Since I was completing Year 12 in the days before we left for Adelaide, I had managed to fit in their gallop and dressage sessions, but had not a single second to take either of these horses cross country schooling! So I headed out today to cram some schooling, but both were super brave and confident! I can’t wait to see how they go on course. In the next few days before the event, it is simply a matter of popping over a few showjumps and putting the finishing touches on their dressage tests.  


      Just Joshen showjumping at Mount Gambier earlier this year     Photo: Emma Woolman


Meanwhile, my Adelaide mount, La Muso, will have a short break before showjumping over the summer. My little, but super talented horse Just Joshen will come back into work with Muso… I cannot wait to take this little guy out showjumping again; he thrives in the jumping phases, and is always excitedly looking for the next fence.

At only 15.2hh, the fences he pops over seem to be almost bigger than him! I am certainly looking forward to seeing his enthusiastic, excitable face as he boards the truck to go to some events after his break. We will see you out there!

Until next time,

Molly xx

      Can't wait for the next Aus3DE!                    Photo: Emma Kalderovskis