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Here's to Tokyo 2020 in 2021




Drought, Fires, Floods and now COVID-19 – BUT the biggest news is the postponement of the 2020 Olympics.


The announcement that the Tokyo Olympics will be in the northern summer of 2021 provides certainty and a sense of hope that when run, the Games will be a true celebration of sport. We have no doubt that Japan will put on a wonderful Olympic Games.

Advice is don’t rush decisions at the moment. Time gives perspective - for everyone from all aspects of sport but we hope we can all find a way to make it to Tokyo.

The details will flow in the coming days. The Games (forever known as Tokyo 2020!) will take place in the June to August period with the strongest likelihood that it will be 12 months from the original dates.

The main thing now is to stay safe and keep everyone else safe. It is going to be a difficult time ahead as restrictions will be in place for many months.

 Here at Tinney Eventing we continue to train our horses in anticipation of an event. This evolvement of now having 12 months to maintain preparations and competitions will pass very quickly and we will certainly see more players up for selection now. 

We are very, very grateful of our friends, family, owners and sponsors each will be feeling the stress and uncertainty of COVID-19.

 As a family, we send all our love, prayers and thoughts to you all. Remember to stay positive, look to the future as brightly as you can and always smile and look after each other.

Stuart, Karen, Jaymee and Gemma.



       Before the lock-down - the Tinneys enjoying a fancy dress party (we hope ....)