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The once in a 60 year flood


Floods are certainly not a first for Tinney Eventing but the once in a 60 year flood certainly was smiley

Interestingly we always knew we may see the worst floods in over 50 years, however we were pleasantly surprised as to how well our property handled the amount of water. With stables and house well above flood levels we lost around 25 acres of paddocks to flood water; we also have the ability to bring horses to higher ground, but we were certainly jam packed!

There were horses on arenas plus some having to be moved but we have come through the other end with very sodden paddocks, and minimal damage.

Reflecting on the past few weeks, all the horses coped well and, apart from some skin conditions, they are all happy and well.


   Charlie (Celebration) surveys the floods


It was also important that we kept them in work, despite the conditions. Rain does not really deter us, there was hacking out, trotting and cantering up hills, which we are lucky to have nearby where we live, and, with no cars or trucks due to the flooding, it made for 'sort of' pleasant riding (apart from being wet!)

Every day they were ridden out, and once the sun came out, we were back in the arena. For the humans, we also have a small gym here (thanks to Gemma), so some fitness work kept us all from seizing up!

We cannot thank a couple of our sponsors enough with their help over the past few weeks of being surrounded by floods .... Proteq was just essential with all our top horses stabled at night, CopRice managed to keep their feed up to us, amazing thank you .. Incredibly our Bates saddles stood up to being wet for days on end! Plus, some wonderful help always from CEVA supplying us with premier products

An invite to compete at The Sydney Royal Easter Show lifted our spirts, especially with an entertainment slot of riding in the Six Bar competition! Leo was the star (again) with a joint win finishing at 1.85m - Gemma gave it a good nudge with just the last fence down at 1.85m.on Tim Game’s Diabolo. Both Gemma and Stuart will return next Saturday and Sunday evenings.


APRIL: 10th and 11th SYDNEY ROYAL - Saturday 'Knock out Stakes' 5-6pm Sunday 'Six Bar'5-5.40pm Gemma and Stuart Horses TBC

APRIL: 16th-18th WALLABY HILL FEI: Stuart - Charlie, Leo 4* and Sir Pepper 3*

Gemma - Daisy and Wanda 4* & Diabolo 3*

MAY: 7th - 10th Sydney International 3 Day Event @ SIEC FEI: Stuart- Charlie and Leo (Olympic format)

MAY: 22nd/23rd CAMDEN - CCN4* - TBC horses


    Stuart and Leo