Proud parents .....

      Stuart and Celebration win the CCI2* at Melbourne International 3DE


Yet another busy two months so apologies that our update has become every second month! We will try to get a hold of life and get back to the norm ……

This news we will work backwards and cover Melbourne International 3 Day Event, Albury and Gundagi, meaning lots of travel down south and home again. Yes, we like to bring our horses home when possible, even though it’s often inconvenient! There’s nothing like your own bed :)

Our breaking news is that War Hawk will be competed by Gemma for the rest of the season or until sold :)


      War Hawk will be campaigned by Gemma for now


With Stuart's position as Chef for WEG and lack of time until end of year we are excited to announce that Gemma is thrilled to take the ride -  however his sale is probably imminent


Melbourne International 3DE

Celebration wins the CCI2* and Annapurna 3rd CCI3*


      Stuart and Sir Pepper


Stuart had two super rides at Melbourne with Celebration finishing on his dressage score, putting him right onto the FUTURES SQUAD!  Sir Pepper also had a very positive event but with a glance off the third element at the tricky coffin

We all went down to Werribee including Elisabeth Brinton (owner of Celebration) her husband Bob, Kerry Blair and Alice Wheller (owner of Sir Pepper) John and Jane Pittard (Annapurna's owners) plus Sunny Barker .. IT WAS A GREAT TEAM!!! Thank you all for an awesome event and the results showed

During Alice's HSC year, Sir Pepper has come to us for Stuart to compete; Pepper has been awesome in dressage and show jumping but has lacked the experience in the cross country phase so who better to help that in a positive way? Yep, Stuart. Pepper is an awesome horse and with a year here we hope that Alice will be very competitive in 2019.


       The awesome ANNAPURNA and GEMMA - what can we say but great partnership .....


Albury and Gundagai

Both events were just perfect for taking out our young horses and both were at full capacity with great Organising Committees

We have been so pleased with our three horses that we imported from Germany last year. We had hoped that maybe we would sell one or two back into a great home here in Australia, but as they are all looking like superstars they are staying with us for the time being! Daisy and DD both went to Albury and Gundagai while Stuart rode Alice Wheller's Sir Pepper in the CNC*. Wasabi is on a spell as she is still so young and we are concentrating on less horses at events (now that Stuart and Karen are going it alone at events)


GUNDAGAI Sir Pepper wins CNC*

DD 3rd EvA 105

Daisy (stop at water, no placing)

ALBURY- Sir Pepper 4th CNC*- Daisy and DD both 2nd 105 classes


Gemma - from Interschools Championship to EA Young Athlete of the Year


Gemma awarded EA Young National Athlete of the Year 2018



This last bit is dedicated to my beautiful daughters Jaymee and Gemma as we are so very proud of them both. Their riding achievements are too long to mention - both rode through Pony Club, Interschools and onto international events. Here are some photos from your embarrassing mum that hopefully will inspire other families - riding is a fabulous recreation however you succeed in it smiley






August 4th/5th

CAMDEN - Eventing up to CNC3*

Gemma CNC2* with War Hawk / Diabolo.

Stuart  TBA