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Sydney International 3DE - A Big Success

     Stuart and Wanda at Sydney International 3 Day Event


New look Sydney 3 Day Event ‘A Success’

Sydney 3 Day Event certainly delivered on their promise of being a true international event plus 'feel'! The team of organizing committee members worked together as a true professional team should and all were a pleasure from start to finish; their drive, enthusiasm and happy faces made the event what it was smiley And of course, the riders with their support, the well-attended trade stands

Plus the CARS! Macarthur Motors just kept bringing them!! The event will build from here- If there is any of you that would like to join our fabulous organising committee for next year, we would love more positive input.



The Horseland Hospitality Tent #Syd3de

The hospitality tent ‘with a difference’ was a hub of laughter and constant enjoyment - I believe eventers can have a good time anywhere! For something new, the amazing massage chairs (modelled by Rachael Lee and her fiancé Hayden Cooper) a massage therapist plus refresh corner was kindly donated by The Barker family



BUT what about the cupcakes!!! Another super idea and particularly well received as you can see with long time Horseland owner Mr. Richard Kennard and myself (The Kapsalis family were behind this!) THANK YOU, you both made our riders and owners tent fabulous and fun!



To top off the event Stuart won the CCI4*-S on Elisabeth Brinton's Celebration. It was a great finish for Tinney Eventing with beautiful clear rounds (just time) for Wanda and Leporis bringing them into 11th and 12th in the same class.


      Celebration is again a winner (above) and Leporis at Sydney 3DE (below)


Oceania Championships in Taupo

Stuart, still holding his position as Chef d’Equipe for Australia had his work cut out for him with two senior teams representing AUS in Taupo, New Zealand from 10th-12th May.

With the new Olympic format in play it was not an easy competition to work with, let alone understand the new point score system! No doubt the FEI will have this new style and format all ironed out ready to go by Tokyo 2020.  On a good note Australia won both the senior and young rider Oceania Championships. Congratulations to all teams.



7th-10th June: Melbourne International 3DE CCI4*-L  Celebration, Wanda and Leporis (Stuart)

CCI2*-L  Wasabi and The Barkers’ Sphinx (Gemma)

13th-14th July: Quirindi CCI3*-L Daisy, Pepper, DD (Stuart)

CCN3*-S Diabolo and Wasabi (Gemma)