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TOKYO here we come

    Let's hope we'll add to the collection in 2021!



Holidays are over, riders and horses back into work and TOKYO, here we come!

Where has the time gone? 12 months with COVID 19, a complete disruption to the whole world, every person in some way has been affected by the virus. It has impacted every business, not one person has been spared from its path of destruction.

Now in 2021 and, holding onto the hope of vaccine herd immunity, we are returning to some normality in Australia. We are certainly ready to move forward and get our pre-COVID-19 mojo back!!!!

Changing the 'vibe'... let’s get back to competing our wonderful four-legged friends, stay positive and be thankful we live in Australia.

Our horses and ourselves took some time out over December and part of January. 2020 really gave us some time to establish our horses training, with a few events at the end of 2020 they all felt so confident. A lot of you are probably wondering about the Olympics in Tokyo, well by all accounts the Games are on! With an adaption of course to have them safely.

We hope this will be our year to shine. I say ‘our’ but really mean Stuart and Elisabeth Brinton's 'Celebration’. Never have we had such an incredible horse for this purpose. We are grateful that Elisabeth (and Bob, her husband) who came into our lives some years ago, have remained loyal and supportive and of course owns one of the best young eventing horses in the world

'Charlie's' stable mate 'Leporis' continues to be in 'Charlie's' shadow. We hope, plus we will work hard with him, to be Stuart's back up horse.

Gemma has some lovely horses and her goal certainly is to get some good runs early this year and see where that takes her.


    Some lucky winners of CopRice Versatile plus Ceva's AMMO wormers at Arcadia Pony Club


February began for us popping into our local Arcadia Pony Club, to give the kids a talk, take photos with the medals, plus some fun prizes for asking questions (prizes always get them talking!!). Our Sponsors, CopRice, Bates, Ceva (Ammo wormers) and Horseland all generously donated.

We also had the pleasure of running at Wallaby Hill Extravaganza the past Sunday, great to get out, have fun with our horses, win ribbons and generally have a good time!

If you are interested in the Selection process for Olympics... Read On smiley

There is of course a process to getting to the Olympics and it is NEVER a given when you are dealing with horses. Firstly, the combinations must get qualified (both Charlie and Leporis are) BUT selection is another process again.

Both of our horses (and other qualified AUS combinations worldwide) must perform at FEI events to the scores that will get them a podium finish. This is very important, with no excuses, so the selectors can look favorably. Of course, some horses are better in some phases than others, but as a team the final score must reflect positively for a medal.

It is stressful and can be brutal, but after nearly 30 years of selections for Olympics and World Championships we have suffered the blows. but along with that, gained in so many ways!

The Selectors will be looking at low scores, sound horses (and riders!) with solid, consistent performances at SYD3DE (May 6th-9th) and MELB3DE (11th-14th June). Wallaby Hill thankfully have taken the spot from Willinga Park (postponed to 13/14th Nov) on the 16-18th April and will run a CCI4*-S, which we expect the Selectors will also take in judgement.

This year has been a long year coming (Hence Tokyo Olympics still named 2020!)

We are determined to represent Australia, so heads down, bottoms up! We will endeavor to make you all proud this year. We again thank our support crew that help us achieve our ultimate goals. CopRice, Bates saddles, Horseland and Ceva. Please go to our web site for information on our Sponsors. On the yard we could not be without Ecomist and Proteq Equine bedding.

ALL play a very important part to our success and healthy horses. Owners Elisabeth Brinton, Tim Game, The Blair/Whellers PLUS all of you supporters. We love you all!!



20th/21st FEB- Sydney @ SIEC- Sir Pepper 4*-S with Stuart. Gemma- Daisy, DD CCI3*-S

12th/14th March- TIE International CCI4*-S      

3rd/4th April- Quirindi CCN4*-S- TBA


   Podium finish for the dressed-up boys at Wallaby Hill Extravaganza