Two Tinneys heading to compete at 4*

       Big celebration at Tamborine!


Again, a bi-monthly news

The winter months are a little slow for competitions however we have managed to find lots to do; as well as training our lovely team of horses, we took ourselves to Queensland for some sun so this update features Tamborine 3DE, Equestriad and the Showjumping Rider Series


      Gemma and Annapurna at Tamborine


Tamborine 3DE was a trip certainly worthwhile for Gemma and Annapurna.  Gemma's trip was to qualify herself and Anna for Adelaide CCI4*, which she achieved with a credible second place. The event was very hospitable, the weather was awesome plus the event was well run and worth the drive (thank you Rachael Lee for the company, and your great result too - podium finish). We will go back next year, the course was tough but great lead up for a 4 star.


       Stuart and Celebration


EQUESTRIAD at Camden was a few weekends ago with Stuart flying home on the Thursday and riding five of our team that weekend. The horses performed very well, Stuart was a question at times!! But the team kept him full of electrolytes and encouragement!!

All horses were in the top for their dressage phase, most went clear in the show jumping and cross country was taken easy. Gemma took the ride on War Hawk winning her dressage on a 28 ... it was her first event on him so she could not have been more pleased. Gemma took her first fall on cross country from Dab (yes first - not to say she has not fallen doing other equestrian tricks!)  So, all in all an exciting event!


      Wanda and Stuart


We were very happy with a quick one-day show jumping day at The Riders Series, with a win in the 1.20m (Celebration) 2nd (Wasabi 1) and winning the 1.30m (Wanda). With Stuart now away with EA High Performance as Chef Equipe, TE will slow down for a few weeks but will come back with a full-on calendar for the rest of the year, working closely with our team to compete at Canberra, Albury, Goulburn with the view of both Gemma and Stuart riding at Adelaide 4 star.


Cheers TE