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We're still Celebrating!


The Melbourne International 3 Day Event at Werribee was a super event for us, winning the CCI4*-L from start to finish on Elisabeth Brinton's amazing chestnut gelding Celebration. We are so, so lucky to have this ride, ‘Charlie’ as he is known at home just continues to have such solid performances with ease. His stable mates Wanda and Leporis also performed incredibly well for their first 4* long format, with respectable placings in 7th and 8th. We thank Ashley Grant and Horseland for some of these fabulous photos.


 Stuart on Celebration and Wanda


Gemma, who had not long been out from The Australian Oceania camp (on Annapurna) decided to give Anna a well-earned spell and take two young and green horses to Werribee Park. The Barkers’ Sphinx and our own Wasabi had their first International event with both completing and pulling up very well. However, they did digrace themselves with a little jack up just before a drop fence going into the big open Camel Paddock- a little naughty on both their parts!!


       Gemma and Wasabi (above) and Sphinx (below)


Horses welfare is a high priority in the Tinney yard, we don’t pamper (too much!) we do try to give them every chance to perform to their upmost best with products that we feel certainly contribute to the health and success. Alongside CopRice feeds we use many products from CEVA. Of course, our longtime favorite and proven aid is Pentosan Equine. We have been including Pentosan Gold plus Halo into our regime for many years now and happy to give out any advice if you seek it. We have total trust in Ceva’s Equine health and CopRice’s total feed range.

Another favorite CEVA product is Omoguard (used in every 3DE preparation) Plus TRIPART paste and L-CARNITINE paste. Our horses travel and are stabled with Proteq bedding. Absorbent plus prevents slipping when they travel.

Leporis is fed CopRice Veteran for its high protein levels, topped up with CopRice High Joule for conditioning and top line.