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Blogger Kate McKenzie explains why she broke some of Hamish Cargill's rules but it was all for a good cause - a birthday cake and a good dressage test!

How did Christopher Burton and Rebekah Thompson manage to while away ten hours in Holyhead after missing their ferry to Tattersalls?

Blogger Natalie Blundell looks back at her campaign for London and wonders if she has followed the right track. All will be revealed in soon. 

A lot has been happening at Bimbadeen Park as our blogger and great cake maker Michelle Robson tells us, just before she jumps in the truck ready for the long trip to Melbourne

A slight deviation off track for our blogger Vaughan Ellis but he is back on the right road now and it's taking him to Melbourne 3 Day Event.


Blogger Megan Jones brings us up to date with what she has been up to in the last couple of months and why Melbourne 3DE should be electric

Our newest blogger, Sammi McLeod, left Australia some years ago - but has she been in England too long because these days she thinks 23 degrees is just too hot!

Jaymee Tinney decides there is no justice in this world and can’t wait until school is over

Our blogger, Charlie Brister, was excited about his big win at Sydney and celebrating his 21st all in the same week.

Ok we haven't had snow yet  but with temperatures sitting below zero when I in the morning I have invested in some great thermals - thanks to E-Bay!