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For many years I've looked up to riders like Shane Rose, Megan Jones and Stuart Tinney but this weekend I was in amongst them aboard their best horses - my equestrian and equine idols

March 2016 was a very sad, memorable month for us here at Tinney Eventing

Some tricky courses in Tasmania leave Alice Hirst just happy to get around but the big boys are going well (if only Alice can remember where all the fences are!)

Kate Mckenzie has decided the time has come to retire the 'vocal' Astro - anyone know of a 'sweet kind patient horse' for her?

Saying farewell to a horse that has shared your life is one of the hardest things to do but Poppy has left Nicole Stewart with so many special memories

The beginning of this season will start a little differently for Imogen Mercer and Team Griffiths as they head down to Spain for a week’s showjumping up against the professional jumpers

Gemma Tinney sported camouflage for the fancy dress at Wallaby Hill but who was the guy in the beard? The latest news from Tinney Eventing

A challenging hike in America has caused Lil Wischer to wonder when she lost her 'grit' and made her appreciate the old thoroughbred who taught her not to over control - can she do this with her young horses?

What a lovely Christmas and intense start to the New Year!

"After much deliberation, I came to the conclusion that it was not possible to fulfil my eventing goals, as well as the requirements for the university course... So, which path to follow?" Molly Barry is at a crossroads in her life