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Fundraising for Courtney Fraser and Emma Booth

A newly formed committee, headed by eventer Will Enzinger of Wilky Park, is looking to raise funds for Courtney Fraser and Emma Booth. They have asked us to publish this statement and hope you will all join in their efforts to help the two girls affected by their recent accident

“On Sunday 7th April, Courtney Fraser & Emma Booth were involved in a horrific car accident that resulted in serious injuries to both girls, especially Emma. The accident also resulted in the death of both of Courtney’s horses, Entertainment Plus and Perfect Match.

The girls were on their way home from Albury Horse Trials where Entertainment Plus had won his Preliminary class and Perfect Match had finished 5th in the Introductory. 

Several of the girls’ friends have rallied together to organise some fundraising for both Courtney and Emma.

We want to help them to get their lives back on track and we ask for the equestrian community to help Courtney and Emma by donating anything they can.

If you are wishing to donate, the Funds can be directly deposited into the Courtney and Emma Fundraising account. The details are;

Account Name - Fundraising Account

BSB - 013 623

A/C - 208794428

We are planning on having a Fundraiser Ball in June, just after the Melbourne Three Day Event.

Any donations towards raffles, auctions etc would be greatly appreciated”


For more information please contact:

Will Enzinger – 0409 358 020 or

Cathy Oates – 0412 957 439 or

Sarah Bertram – 0404 139 632

Remember there is no donation that is too small; it all adds up.

Cortney Fraser and Perfect Match

      Courtney and Perfect Match at Wandin Horse Trials 2013



Hi Just want to wish both girls all the best and a speedy recovery .
<3 hugs to you both xx heart goes out to you both and may a speedy and smooth recovery come your way heart goes out to you both and may a speedy and smooth recovery come your way