Shane Rose leads the way at the Australian International 3 Day Event | An Eventful Life

Shane Rose leads the way at the Australian International 3 Day Event


   The crowds enjoy the action from the comfort of the Grandstand

As dressage day got underway the temperatures in Adelaide began to rise which saw people seeking any piece of shade available. The riders however bravely donned their top hat and tails and rode out into the sunshine to the delight of the large crowed seated in the impressive Heritage Grandstand.

Horseland CCI4*

When the Horseland CCI4* got underway the early leader was Stuart Tinney and Pluto Mio (pictured above). Pluto looked keen to get on with the job, anticipating a couple of movements but Stuart managed to keep his enthusiasm under control, which left the pair on a score of 49.8. But Stuart was not to hold onto his lead for long as Shane Rose and APH Moritz pulled out a test, which earned them a mark of 45.8.

A happy Shane Rose makes friends with Austrian FEI Steward, Roman

“He was super,” said Shane. “I’m really, really happy with him. He finds the walk quite difficult to keep calm but he pretty well managed that today and quite often the halt and rein back can see him on two legs but today there was no suggestion of that. But there is a lot to jump out there tomorrow and several fences to test all of us. But I’ll certainly be trying my best to keep ahead of the rest of the guys.”

Watch Shane's test on APH Moritz below


   He maybe classed as a first timer but Craig Barrett was a happy first timer

Finishing in overall second place and pushing Stuart back in to third was Craig Barrett riding his second horse in the CCI4* Wendela Jamie. Craig came in to the event as a 4* first timer (according to the FEI) but he actually considers himself an ‘old timer’!

“I have ridden here a couple of times before in the CCI4* but didn’t do very well, so obviously that still means I’m a first timer,” Craig laughed. “Certainly compared to the two guys lying first and third I’m still short on 4* experience but I’ll be doing lots of work tomorrow to hopefully move out of the first timer category.”

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Horseland CCI2*

Shane Rose and CP Qualified lead the Horseland CCI2* field after a dressage test that both horse and rider seemed to enjoy. Shane and the nine year old warmblood gelding have enjoyed plenty of success in the run up to Adelaide clocking up wins at 1* level at Camden and Berrima and finishing third at Goulburn CIC2* last month. Shane was the only rider to break into the 30’s finishing on a score of 39.8, just over two marks ahead of second placed Queensland rider Debbie Kopp. The head of the CCI* ground jury Marilyn Payne actually had Debbie’s test above Shane’s giving her 73.7% compared to the 70.74% for Shane.

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   Will Enzinger with his niece Tilly and the owner of Maserati -  Georgia Connelly

Will Enzinger is lying third riding the very handsome Flowervale Maserati owned by Georgia Connelly. Although the horse is ultimately for sale Will is certainly enjoying riding him at the moment and has had four 2* wins out of five starts prior to coming to the Australian International 3 Day Event. Their test was beautifully ridden, very smooth and correct and a delight to watch. As soon as Will jumped off he was straight on the phone to his wife Emily (Anker) who is not able to be at the event as she is in hospital at the moment. “I promised I would keep up to date with everything that was happening,” said Will grabbing his phone.

We caught up with Will (and his mum) to find out a little bit more about Maserati. CLICK HERE to hear the interview and click on the video below to watch some of his test.

   Jack Hayden gets some help from Chris Burton in the warm up

Taking part in his first CCI2* is NSW rider Jack Hayden riding the horse who has clocked up several Frequent Flyer points – Jaybee Calypso. After starting his career with his owner Alex Townsend Calypso was then given to Chris Burton to campaign. Further down the track the Warmblood gelding was sent over England where he was ridden by William Fox-Pitt before going back to Christopher. Alex then decided that the horse would be perfect for Jack who works for her at the beautiful Wallaby Hill Equestrian Centre in NSW.

We spotted Chris helping to warm up Jack and Calypso prior to their test and grabbed a word with both of them afterwards.

CLICK HERE to hear what the both had to say.

After all the action of dressage day it's only going to get better and hotter tomorrow with temperatures set to reach at least the mid thirties. Because of this the distances of the cross country courses have been reduced with the horses in the 4* having 220 metres less to run on their course. Although it is not much distanace it will mean that the horses finish much closer to the cooling area where misting fans will be in full use. As Shane Rose pointed out it's not just the horses who have to be aware of the importance of hydration and cooling. "I drink a lot but I'm still not very good at keeping hydrated and as for Stuart (Tinney), he probably end up with his head in a wheelbarrow of iced water at the end of cross country!" he said jokingly.

So get ready for a full day of tweets, facebook, photos and report from your Eventful Life team as we all try to grab some shade and watch the action!

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