EQuestrian of Sport Quiz


We’re still in holiday mood so it’s time for some light-hearted video fun! Those of you familiar with the BBC TV programme A Question of Sport will get the idea straight away – just watch our compilation video carefully on our Facebook page and be prepared to answer questions about the video clips that will test your power of observation

Then scroll down to answer the questions below – don’t cheat by re-watching the video until you’ve answered all you can but make sure to let us know how you go on our Facebook page

The video clips were first put together for the Equestrian of Sport quiz, now a big favourite for eventers at Osberton Horse Trials hosted by Bede Events. This year the quiz raised over £7,120 in aid of Jonty Evans’ rehabilitation and the man himself made a surprise appearance during the evening – be sure to put the Friday evening entertainment at Osberton on your calendar for 2019

Keep scrollin down - we don't want you cheating by looking at the questions before you've viewed the video here








And the questions are ...............


1.Which animal features at the base of the first fence of Ludwig Svennerstal jumping at  LCF Osborne House?


2. What cross country colours were Rose Macpherson wearing at Blair Castle International?


3. Who sponsored the first fence at Firle Place?


4. What was the women in the background carrying as Oliver Townend leaves the start box at LCF Osborne house?


5. What lorry features in the background of Oliver Townend Jumping around LCF Osborne House cross country course?


6. What number is Piggy French at Aston-Le-Walls?


7. Who is the rider jumping the hedge at Somerford Park International?


8. How many Christmas trees feature in the clip of Francis Whittington jumping the second fence at the British Novice Champions at The Festival of British Eventing?


9. How many strides does Chris Burton put between the two elements at the British Open Championship at Festival of British Eventing?


10. Which area can be seen in the background of Helena Pope on Rossalougha Ted competing at Cholmondeley Castle?


11. What is the shape of the fence that Nat Dixon is jumping at the Chilham Castle CIC1*?


12  What is the colour of the roof of the house that Heidi Woodhead is jumping in the novice at Richmond Horse Trials?


13. What venue is Cathal Daniels jumping around the CIC3* track on?


14. Who is the rider going around the Advanced U25 at Aston-Le-Walls?


15. What flag is flying in the background of Phoebe Buckley competing at Burham Market International?


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