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Cross Country Fences at Camperdown

The cross country course at Camperdown is renowned for requiring fit horses due to the hilly terrain and may be a good warm-up for Greenwich Park! The 2012 course was built by Wayne Copping, was a length of 3600 metres, speed of 570 mts/min and optimum time of 6 minutes and 19 seconds.


Thanks to Will Enzinger (and friends and dogs!) and Cross Country App, here are some close ups of 3* fences on the course at Camperdown Horse Trials last weekend


       Mandatory Dog Inspection of Fence (New rule by the FEI)


       Fence 12 AB



       That FEI Rule again - this fence requires two dogs to inspect



       FEI Officials checking on the dogs' work


       Special "no wellies required"water jump dog official - also trained in underwater checking


By the way, just in case, the FEI rule thing is a joke (late April Fools!)