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British Eventers strut their stuff

We are used to seeing them on horseback but recently British Eventers, Tina Cook, Nicola Wilson and Zara Phillips,(pictured above) enthusiastically took up the challenge to raise money for the British charity ‘Children in Need’ by joining other London Olympians in a dance routine. The three girls danced to Korean pop star PSY’s catchy Gangham Style, which incorporated some fun lasso moves as the girls, dressed in full riding gear, laughed their way through their routine as you can see below.

Keep an eye out for the pantomine horse ... maybe it's William Fox-Pitt in disguise!

So the challenge is on … If the British Eventers can ‘put themselves out there’ maybe Australian eventing can do a male version … I can just see Stuart Tinney, Shane Rose and Craig Barrett doing the moves …




I want to see Andrew Nicholson do it too ;)