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Day 2 of eventing dressage and the rankings are confirmed

As day two of the eventing dressage drew to a close, it was a day of mixed emotions.

New Zealand’s Caroline Powell had a disappointing test as a tense Lenamore reacted anxiously to the unique atmosphere of the Games to score 52.20. “When you have been working so hard it is disappointing. But it wasn’t a disaster!” she said.

Looking ahead, Caroline maintains the toughest part for all of the riders riding the XC course on Monday will be tackling the undulations and cambers of the Park. “The trickiest fences are definitely the skinnies,” she said, ahead of this element of the competition.

Meanwhile today, team mate Mark Todd rode a storming test to gain 39.10 – it was really beautiful to watch, and he easily slipped into third place, despite unconfirmed rumours that one of his half passes was a leg yield! Campino took everything in his stride and the pair looked very classy.

For Australia, it was smiles all around as the team took second place in the rankings, over all.  There’s all to play for on Monday with strong contenders in the form of Great Britain and Germany in particular. 

The top ten team rankings are as follows after the dressage – Germany; Australia; Great Britain; Sweden; New Zealand; Japan; USA; Belgium; France; Ireland.

The top ten individual placings are –

Japan’s Oiwa Yoshiaki

Italy’s Stefano Brecciaroli

New Zealand’s Mark Todd

Germany’s Ingrid Klimke

Sweden’s Sara Algotsson Ostholt

Germany’s Dirk Schrade

Australia’s Lucinda Fredericks

Germany’s Sandra Auffarth

Belguim's  Karin Donckers

Australia’s Clayton Fredericks

Full results individual CLICK HERE

Full results team CLICK HERE





when did Karen Donckers become a USA rider?

The excitement obviously got too much for us. Karin is most certainly riding for Belguim not USA. Mistake corrected - thanks for pointing it out!

Alison do you know where there is an online course walk for Greenwich?

Hi Henry - not one we know of.
Have you seen the article Wendy Schaeffer did for us