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The artistry of the Bates Artiste


In June, we gave you a sneak peek of the upcoming Bates Artiste dressage saddle

And now, it has finally launched! 

Out of a perfect marriage between cutting-edge technology and simplicity of experienced craftsmanship, the Bates Artiste elevates both horse and rider performance. 

Australian Olympian and Bates Saddles Sponsored Rider, Amanda Ross, recently had the thrill of unpacking a very special customised blue Bates Artiste saddle (as you can see in the video above) and she also talked us through her “meaningful relationship” with the Bates Saddles brand, and her role along with other Bates Sponsored Riders, in the ultimate development of this amazing new Bates Artiste saddle.

“Bates Saddles is a company that really listens to rider feedback” explains Amanda “I visited their Australian office and was given a personalised tour by Ron Bates who explained all of their quality testing, the leathers, the hide, the full low-down of creating a new saddle concept”

“It’s great to collaborate with a company that has as much passion for their product as I have for my sport” 


      The proof is in the pudding - the closest possible ride on your horse, without going tackless!


Effortless Balance 

With its supremely low-profile SynergyPanel and sleek monoflap design, the Bates Artiste creates the closest possible ride on your horse – without going tackless! 

Amanda’s input on the Bates Artiste began when the Bates team were designing the next-generation Bates Innova Mono+.  Bates sent Amanda several prototypes, and then really listened to her feedback.  Amanda credits Bates with managing to “transform feeling into a tangible object”, by using her descriptions of the saddle’s fit, her suggestions to soften the knee roll for a secure seat and shorten the monoflap for more contact “without feeling abandoned by the saddle”.  

With that uniquely cut panel, the Bates Artiste ensures the aids conveyed to your mount are clear and minimal – exactly what you want when under the scrutiny of dressage judges.



The magic is in the details

The Bates Artiste, naturally, has flair and flourish in its name – and in its execution.  The Bates team use wizardry to create the tiny details that make life that much easier; the Bates Artiste comes with its own Bates Artiste deluxe saddle cover that features a durable heavy duty cotton outer and a softer curl fleece lining to protect the leather. During the launch period, the saddle also comes with a free pair of Bates Leather Webbers in Luxe Leather – a revolutionary stirrup strap without buckles to ensure that annoying lump of stirrup buckle beneath your thigh is gone forever 

Amanda says that she loves the Bates Innova range and has ridden in them for years, but Bates has “nailed the monoflap saddle” with the Bates Artiste. The Adjustable Ergonomic Stirrup Bar ensures you maintain perfect balance and strength as the saddle is customised specifically for your individual riding position. . 

This means that the Bates Artiste has “…a beautiful seat with less saddle”. And we all know less is more, especially with horses. 

To top it all off, Bates Leather Balsam is formulated to nourish your Artiste’s Luxe Leather and provide a barrier against wear and sweat – meaning you can treasure your Bates saddle for decades. 

Bates’ Artiste gives you the skills, support and style to win like an Olympian – in perfect harmony with your horse.

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