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June 2020 Member Competition




Congratulations to our winner, Penelope Kingston

Penelope told us “When I started riding as a four-year-old, I remember the beautiful big B on the side of my hand me down saddle. It was way too big for me, but it didn’t matter... I had a Bates saddle just like my older sisters and Mum.

As I grew and advanced in my riding I was always handed the next Bates hand me down saddle, I loved them all to bits and always felt a bit of pride at pony club that I had a Bates saddle. Even today, I have only ever trusted Bates saddles to provide me with the best fitting saddle both jumping and dressage to ensure my horses maximum performance, either in the dressage arena or out of the cross country course where being able to feel your horse under your saddle can be the difference between a double clear and an elimination.

 I’d like to thank Bates for continuing to produce fantastic saddles that ensure my horses maximum performance. Just once I’d love to have a new one that wasn’t a hand me down, even though they all stand the test of time, I would love to experiment that new Bates saddle feel”


Discover… the Bates Artiste


Be as one… the secret to ignite your dressage performance.

Everyone needs an Artiste in their life – and we are so excited to be presenting the Bates Artiste, the as-yet unreleased monoflap offering from the Bates stable of unparalleled prestige. 

Victrix, Innova, Caprilli… Bates has been synonymous with excellent saddles since 1934.  Combining heritage and technology, Bates comes up with the goods time after time, for ergonomics, comfort and quality.  From tiny details to tuck away your straps and flaps, to the incredible, game-changing CAIR system, Bates has always been at the forefront of equine comfort and performance under saddle. 

In anticipation of the exciting release in September of the Bates Artiste, we are able to give away to one AMAZINGLY lucky 5* member one Bates saddle OF YOUR CHOICE (but not the Artiste… yet!).  With the Artiste, you will discover the artistry in bold innovations that are surprisingly about the subtlety in riding.  The Artiste is designed to give a position so natural and a connection so sensitive the saddle all but disappears and your performance is amplified.

With some massive names in our sport using this incredible brand on their top horses and Olympic rides, we see Bates saddles in action with riders such as Craig Barrett, Domenique Carson and Sarah Bullimore. 

So… which one will you choose?  The sleek and stylish Innova, retailing at over $4,500 AUD, or did you miss our competition last year, with the crisp and colourful jumping Victrix, worth over $5,000…  Get your entries in, 5* members!!! 

For the love of all that is horsey, do NOT miss out on entering this absolutely awesome giveaway.  To further acquaint yourself with the Bates Artiste, check it out here