A little luxury at Christmas - the Marengo II


Forget Chanel or Louis Vuitton, the handbag we’d like to find under the Christmas tree is the Marengo II Leather Saddle Handbag

Hand-crafted in the UK from Italian leather and finished with a hidden magnetic catch, it is a bigger version of its baby sister, the Palomo, both made and distributed by Gallop Guru. The Marengo II features a fixed top handle which is perfect for carrying the bag neatly in the crook of the arm and has the option of the longer shoulder or cross body strap which is great for when you need your hands free at events, shows and festivals - whilst ensuring your precious bag stays safely close to you. The longer handle attaches to two discreet metal loops inside the bag which disappear neatly when not being used – all for just £265

You may have missed out on delivery for this Christmas as bags are usually made to order but it is definitely one to have on the list for 2019