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March 2020 Member Competition




Congratulations to Stephanie Sneyd, winner of our March 2020 Competition Bumper Pack, winning BOTH a KEP Italia Helmet and FLAIR® Equine Nasal Strips, valued at over $1,300USD

"I currently own several event horses but would like to get back into riding myself and to do that a good helmet is a must so why not try and win one of the best!!!!" says Stephanie



Our gorgeous sponsors Flair, LLC are excited to be giving away 5 packs of 10 FLAIR® Equine Nasal Strips, assisting your horse to breathe easy in hard and fast work. 

The wonderful KEP Italia is also back on board with a KEP Cromo Textile helmet, protecting your head when on and around your horse!



FLAIR Strips are used by the world’s top Eventers, including Gemma Tattersall, Phillip Dutton and Sam Griffiths. 

Greatly reducing the stress placed on a horse’s lungs during work by decreasing resistance to breathing, FLAIR Strips are super-easy to use self-adhesive patches that adhere to your horse’s nose.  Simple to affix and remove, FLAIR Strips make breathing easier, quicken post-exercise recovery, conserve energy, and reduce Exercise Induced Pulmonary Haemorrhage (EIPH or, simply, lung bleeding). 

Not just for top eventers, all horses experience lung stress in anything faster than a moderate canter.  Whether in competition or training, FLAIR Strips are an excellent way of protecting your horse and ensuring they are performing at their best. 

Until recently FLAIR Strips have perhaps been viewed by many riders as only being something that a top-level competitor would need but this is not true - find out more about using FLAIR Strips on any level of horse HERE





KEP Italia helmets blend style and safety effortlessly, and are showcased again by a Who’s Who of Eventing royalty! 

Both Amanda Ross and Andrew Hoy are always seen sporting their sleek and tough KEP Italia helmets, protective and durable for everyday use, yet with some European chic for competition wear.  Designed and made in Italy, with an incredible array of styles, finishes and colours, KEP Italia helmets can be configured to your personal taste.  Suiting your outfit, your country or your horse’s colour, there’s something for everyone, from blue velvet to Swarovski crystals! 

With this awesome bumper pack valued at over $1,300USD, one lucky winner will get a whole lot of protection and support for themselves and their equine partner.


This Bumper Pack Competition is open to all An Eventful Life 4* Members – so if you’re not signed up yet, get on that stat!



This competition to win our bumper March pack  is open only to our 4* members and delivery of our prize is available worldwide

  • Enter before April 1st 2020 by simply filling in a 4* subscribers competition entry form here. Only current 4* subscribers are eligible to enter and win. Not a subscriber yet? Click on the image below to join today
  • One winner will receive the prize and the name will be announced by April 4th 2020 on this website and via our social media. The winner will also be contacted via email to organise delivery
  • Free delivery of the product worldwide
  • Please ensure you are logged in before entering