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Stick-ability required at Swan River

   Winners Lindsay Honey, Bindaboo and Jennie Loriston-Clarke

Day two of the Swan River Horse Trials started off quite steamy in what was looking like building in to a very hot day. The preliminary classes kicked off the cross country for the day, with the open class going first. A very well constructed course, that featured a few new changes to keep things challenging, saw a fair few problems for the preliminary riders. The culprits were a cleverly placed skinny roll top at the top of a gully crossing, and a new skinny as a B element off a bank, as well as water jumps of a high standard. There were a few falls in this class and also some really great rounds, by experienced and inexperienced riders alike, which really stirred up the placings. The preliminary show jumping followed that afternoon, over a nice flowing track, with a few related lines and at the end of the day it was Laurelle Hayes and Stars on Fire who won the open class. The Maiden was won by Michelle Maylen and Placerville, leading from start to finish.

Next on cross country was the pre novice classes and with a few challenging jumps, it also proved to be a tough track. The first few out came home with some penalties, and the word quickly spread that the new log into the water was catching a lot. It also proved a track on which time was hard to get, with only a handful out of the large field coming home double clear. Emma Pearson and Delamerie Call Me Gus were the eventual winners, followed very closely by Emma King and ESB Golden Elf. The junior pre novice was won by Shenae Lowings and Venture Sky High, followed by Zoe James riding a horse she purchased from Deon Stokes, Gesusa Park Blueprint.

The introductory course didn’t cause too many problems, with many being placed by cross country time, resulting in some close finishes.

   Artistic touches were added to cross country fences ...

All of the star classes show jumped first, with Fred Freeman providing a challenging track for each level. With only three clear rounds in the CIC* it definitely was not going to be a dressage competition. The cross country for them also proved influential, with Michael Dagastino being the only person to go under time – a feat he managed twice! This put him into second and third place. Raquel Bennet, riding in her first CIC*, on The Libertine claimed poll position.

The CIC** riders also struggled with Fred Freemans track, with only a few jumping clear, but some not making the time. It was the cross country for this class however that proved to be the decision maker, with two rider falls on course. The dressage leader, Makayla Wood, had a nice soggy dismount from Just Corona at the first water jump. Michael Dagastino on his third ride for the day also had problems with a set of skinny brushes on a mound. Swan River Horse Trials committee member Rebecca Thomas and DVZ Debonaire finished in first place, with a clear win over Lauren Browne and Dakota Ultra Easy. These were great results for both riders who are heading to the Adelaide Horse Trails in November.

The CIC*** class also show jumped first, however, showing their experience there was only one rider to take four penalties, the rest jumping clear. Luckily enough this didn’t have an effect on placings. The cross country also proved a great track, with some big big galloping fences and a few technical fences, including a 90 degree bounce up a step to a brush. All riders came home with just a few time penalties to add to their score. Jess Manson and Legal Star were the closest to the optimum time, which moved her into second position. But it was Lindsay Honey who could not be caught, keeping the lead for a clear win.

Overall a great weekend, with some great displays of stick-ability as well as great riding, providing the crowd with the ultimate show of what eventing is all about.

Many thanks to Tegan Lush who managed to wrtie the Swan River articles for us while at the same time compete on four horses  - finishing third in the 3star and picking up a third in the Prenovice.

Photos with thanks to “Dazza Dawes for  'RedFoto'

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