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fischerTakinou Michael Jung

Did you breed this horse? We take a look at the final lists of eventing sires, horses, breeders and studbooks from the 2015 Rolex World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses (WBFSH) Rankings

The story that has it all – a stunning black stallion that nearly died but is now in hot demand as a sire at only six years of age, his eventing rider Rebecca Lindwall and what her husband James Broadbent does with clothes pegs ............

Jumbo, the highest ranked British-bred stallion in the World Breeding Federation for Sport Horse eventing sire rankings, has recently died at the age of 31

Mr Cruise Control

The jumping stallion Cruising has produced some of eventing's top performers - now two of his clones, born and raised in the same environment, will take over the mantle

William Fox-Pitt Reinstated

William Fox-Pitt has to be on anyone's "One to Watch" list in 2015 with a stable full of top horses but we thought we’d take a look at some of his stars of the future and they are varying shades of grey

We celebrate Waitangi Day with a special feature on the New Zealand eventing stallion Internet and his owner Joss Bayly, breeder of the many talented Waitangi horses we are now seeing on the eventing circuit in various countries

Wild Duchess

Is Duke of Hearts, the sire of the chestnut eventing mare Wild Duchess and various other interesting progeny, ‘the next Heraldik and the sire that we’ll all be going to in the near future’?

William Fox-Pitt and Bill Levett were just two of the buyers at the 2014 Monart Elite Eventing Sale - the Irish auction that has not only good stock at reasonable prices but somewhere great to stay too

Felton Park Caleidoscope Kaytlyn Lawton

We're suckers for coloured horses on course and this one is a very cute stallion that would certainly catch a mare's eye!

Young Event Horse class Royal Dublin Horse Show 2014

Marianne van Pelt Self takes a look at why the Irish Sport Horse is so suited to eventing and which young horses shone at last week’s Young Event Horse Classes at the Discover Ireland Dublin Horse Show